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June 24th, 2019

Denmark is a great country to vacation in with the family. There are plenty of cities that offer fun activities for the entire family, and many of them are close to a Zleep hotel. Of course, there is LEGOLAND® in Billund, but did you know Scandinavia’s largest playground is located in Ballerup just outside of Copenhagen?

Endless family fun in Billund

Are you planning a holiday in Billund with the kids? Going to Billund in Jylland is an obvious choice for many. It is a great family friendly city with countless of attractions for kids of all ages, but we can assure that parents also get a thrill out of the visit. The attractions are all close to each other making it is easy to get from one attraction to another.

Skip the line to LEGOLAND®

Of course, a must do on the long list of attractions in Billund, is LEGOLAND®. Billund is world famous for the home of the colorful LEGO® bricks which can be used to create whatever you want. The sky is the limit! Not to mention that it is actually the hometown of LEGO®, giving you the real authentic LEGO® experience.

At LEGOLAND® fantasy becomes reality. Meet the LEGOLAND® princess, watch LEGO® NINJAGO® in 4D, experience the Castle Show, go on the LEGO® Safari and much more. There are loads of activities, and it is always exciting when LEGOLAND® announces the program of the new season in the beginning of Spring. Skip the line by purchasing your ticket already at the hotel reception when you stay at Zleep Hotel Billund.

LEGOLAND® nær Hotel Billund©LEGOLAND®

Can’t get enough of LEGO®?

Have you not gotten enough of the colorful LEGO® bricks and want to continue your creativity? How lucky for you that the world of LEGO® is (almost) never ending. Come to LEGO® House and let your creativity run free. LEGO® House offers different zones, all made to fulfill your desires. For example in the Red Zone you will find LEGO® Brick Builder, here there are hardly any limitations to what you can build, so let your imagination run wild! In the Blue Zone you will train the cognitive competencies, in the Yellow you put your feelings into words, in the Green Zone you build up your social relations and finally in the Red Zone you let your creativity loose. All zones are of course centered around play and learning.

The LEGO® House Masterpiece Gallery

In LEGO® House, you can explore the History Collection, which is the world’s official LEGO® museum. Here you can explore how a small carpentry workshop in Billund has developed to become one of the world’s most popular toys today, and you can see some of the most iconic models through the ages. In the Masterpiece Gallery you will find some of the most amazing LEGO® designs you have ever seen. Talented artists that have used the LEGO® brick as their only creation material are celebrated here. The gallery functions as an actual museum where curators select artworks, which are exhibited for a limited time period.

Tornado water slide for the kids, relaxing hot tub for the parents

Did you know that Northern Europe’s largest water park is located in Billund? At Lalandia you can easily spend an entire day in the pool going down steep, twisting and fast slides. If you’re more into the relaxing pool experience, there is also a wellness facility with hot tubs or maybe you are interested in taking a float down the heated Lazy River.

It may be Northern Europe’s largest water park, but they offer a lot more than pools and slides. Lalandia also offers a big playground where the kids can be set free at the giant playground, Monky Tonky Land. They can play on the ball field with foam floor, get creative in the children workshop, and of course play in an area filled with LEGO®. If you are visiting Lalandia in winter time, you can experience the magical Winter World. You can skate, sledge, climb, ski down an endless ski slope and ride bumper cars on ice.

Lalandia nær Hotel BillundEndless fun at Lalandia | ©Lalandia

Rhinos or dinosaurs?

Many of the activities in Billund require a great deal of energy and running around. We get that this can be stressful and draining for many parents. So why not bring the kids for a ride around Givskud Zoo? Givskud Zoo began as a lion park in 1969, but today it is a large safari park with about 50 different animal species. See lions, buffalos, giraffes, rhinos, antelopes and many more animals you normally would find in the African savannah or in South and North America. The animals live in a large enclosed area and Givskud Zoo has made it as similar to their natural habitat as possible.

Take your car or a guided tour and drive around the park to see the animals up close. Givskud Zoo is different in this way, the animals are not kept in cages, instead they have plenty of room and many of them live together in different zones that reflect their natural habitats as much as possible.

If you instead are looking for a bit scarier surroundings, then take a trip to Denmark’s largest dinosaur park. The park is part of Givskud Zoo and shows the most extensive dinosaur exhibition ever in Denmark and shows more than 50 dinosaurs in natural size. Here you can meet the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, the ton heavy Triceratops and the long-necked plant eater Diplodocus. After having said hello to all the extinct creations, you can go about the park in search for fossils and dig for bones.

Family friendly hotel close to Billund Airport

After having had a long and fun family day with play and games, you are bound to be tired. The only thing you will want to do is lay your head on a soft pillow on a comfortable bed and close your eyes for a moment. Zleep Hotel Billund is perfectly located right next to Billund Airport. It is impossible to get a better hotel if you arrive by flight, you don’t even have to grab a cab. Just walk over the parking lot. But if you do arrive by car, you can use the airports’ parking lot during your stay. Just remember to register and pay for your car in the reception beforehand. It is easy to grab public transportation to all attractions from the hotel.

Zleep Hotel Billund is a great family friendly hotel which is perfect for those of you vacationing with the kids. Stay in one of our family rooms and get the best value for the money. There is plenty to do when you are visiting Billund with the family. That’s why we always recommend starting early. Start your day off with a healthy and organic breakfast from our breakfast buffet. You are now ready to start the day!

Here you can read a more in-depth guide to experiences in Billund for children.

Zleep Hotel Billund Airport facadeZleep Hotel Billund

Copenhagen is always a good idea

Copenhagen must be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Its charming old buildings fill up the whole inner city, the small cobblestone streets are packed with cute cafés and unique design stores and the colorful harbor, Nyhavn, where one can enjoy traditional Danish food in the sun whilst looking over the busy street and the boats passing in the canal is truly wonderous.

Copenhagen is also a great city to vacation in with the family. There are plenty to see and many experience for the kids, that the whole family will enjoy. Of course, Tivoli Gardens is a given choice. The beautiful amusement park in the middle of the city, opposite the central station, has everything you could need. A wide variation of food from different countries, savory sweets from the small original sheds, attractions that give you butterflies or games that bring out the competitive side of you. Tivoli Gardens changes with the seasons, so it will never be the same when you visit. Tivoli does not hold back when it comes to decorations, and we can assure you the decorations are well worth a visit in themselves.

The capital is of course filled with tons of family friendly vacation attractions. Visiting Copenhagen can be an expensive trip. Stay at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City for a price worthy hotel stay in Copenhagen city center. The hotel is located only minutes from the central station making it perfect if you arrive by train. But it is equally as easy if you are flying in. Just take the regional train straight from Copenhagen Airport and you will be at the central station within 15 minutes.

When you stay at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, we offer you a special Tivoli deal. Using the Tivoli Package, we give you entrance tickets to Tivoli Gardens, free breakfast and a stay in a double room for only DKK 1500 for two persons. Just use the offer code TICK when you book your stay online. Get inspired from the blog with our tips on free things to do in Copenhagen for a cheap family vacation with the kids in Copenhagen.

Tivoli - - © Anders BøgildEnjoy the many attractions at Tivoli | © Tivoli Gardens 

Scandinavia’s largest playground is in Ballerup

Did you know that Scandinavia’s largest playground is in Ballerup outside of Copenhagen? The chain attracts 1 million visitors each year and they have play centers in 10 different locations around Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Bring the kids for an exciting day at Eventyrfabriken Mega Center in Ballerup. Let them experience the unique possibility of the 7D Adventure Cinema. That’s right, not 3D, or even 4D. No this is in 7D! The XD Dark Ride offer unique graphics and special effects where a group of up to 8 people can compete against each other. The goal is to score as many points as possible with the help of your Laser Blaster through shooting the enemies on the screen. If you would rather compete in teams then it is Laser Jungle you should turn to. Put on a vest, grab your laser gun and get ready to enter the labyrinth. The music is pumping, smoke and lights are mixed with the lasers and the jungle is ready for you.

For the adults there is a sports bar where you can grab a nice steak and watch the game or play shuffleboard and arcade games. There is also a café with a wider range of food and drinks.

Come to Copenhagen for a great weekend with the kids. Stay at Zleep Hotel Ballerup, only 3 kilometers from Eventyrfabriken. We offer a large parking lot free of charge for our guests, free WiFi and the possibility to buy a good organic breakfast to start of the morning in the best way. The hotel in Ballerup is a family friendly place in a calm area outside of Copenhagen.

Eventyrfabrikken Mega Center BallerupHappy kids playing| © Eventyrfabrikken Mega Center Ballerup Facebook

Step into the wild at Aalborg Zoo

Do you love animals and can’t get enough of learning new things about them and their lives? Then Aalborg Zoo is the perfect place. The zoo is a perfect family friendly activity for your Aalborg vacation with the kids. See animals from all over the world; tigers, bears, hippos, flamingos, camels and many, many more wild animals. But they offer more than just looking at animals. Grab a guided tour to see the animals up close or enjoy a zoo safari on the stage where zoo keepers hold exciting performances showing off some of the trained animals and talk about these marvelous wonders.

Zleep Hotel Aalborg is located less than 10 minutes away by car from Aalborg Zoo, making it the perfect location for your vacation in Aalborg. The hotel opened in January 2019, so it is brand new. The neighboring central station couldn’t be any closer making it easy to arrive by train or bus. For those arriving in car, there is a Q-Park parking garage available close to the hotel for a small fee.

Ishøj’s play center named best in Copenhagen by the kids

Dinos Legeland is filled with different attractions for the kids. The attractions are spread out in over 1000 square meters of fun. It was voted the “Best play center in Copenhagen 2018” for the second time in a row. The award is based on 70.000 kids’ votes, so it is bound to be great!

They say themselves that the play area is for kids between 0 – 14 years, but parents are enjoying the place at least as much as the kids are. Who wouldn’t love to jump around on trampolines with extra thrust, drive radio cars or play air hockey and foosball? They also have Denmark’s highest climbing volcano, yes a volcano, with a 5 meter long slide, several climbing towers, trampolines and a footbridge for the one’s wanting to test out their balance. See their webpage for the full list of activities they offer – we assure neither you nor the kids will be disappointed.

It is common knowledge that kids have no limit of energy, they just keep going – especially at a place like this. Unfortunately, it is not the same for parents. So, when you need a breather you will be happy to know there is a lounge with a nice panorama window looking out over the playground. Sit back and relax with a magazine or enjoy the free WiFi and keep track of your kids at the same time.

Dinos Legeland© Dinos Legeland København Facebook

Price friendly hotel with a good view

Stay at Zleep Hotel Ishøj to be close to Dinos Legeland. It takes only 5 minutes with car to get there, or 15 minutes with the bus. Zleep offers comfortable rooms at great rates, free parking, free WiFi and the possibility to buy breakfast. On top of this, Zleep Hotel Ishøj offers a great view from the hotel rooms on the 7th and 8th floor. Stay in Ishøj for a price friendly hotel stay with the kids. If you want to go to Copenhagen city center, just jump on the train, it will take you directly there in just 20 minutes.

Take the kids to Aarhus

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city and culture capital. It is a beautiful city with many cosy cobblestone streets and small boutiques. But walking around shopping in the city, might not be the most fun activity for the kids. Instead you should bring the kids to some of the many family friendly attractions in Aarhus.
Deer petting or twisting roller-coasters

Kids love amusement parks. That’s just the way it is, and who can blame them? Tivoli Friheden is a given choice when on vacation with the kids in Aarhus. Here you will find many thrilling roller-coasters giving you butterflies in the stomach, chocolate wheels to test your luck and a 5D cinema tickling your senses. Tivoli Friheden doesn’t only have rides that are suitable for all ages, they also offer attractions like mini golf, motor boats and a haunted house. Of course, they also offer a wide selection of restaurants with many different types of food and drinks.

However, if you are looking for a calmer activity that is more interactive you should take the kids to The Deer Park. The friendly animals are set free in a large green area where you are allowed to walk among them. The deer are used to people so you can safely take the kids close to them and allow them to pet the soft animals. A vacation with kids can be expensive but being outside is free. Let the kids get off their phones and tablets for a change and take them into nature where they can run around and play.

If the kids are a bit older you might be interested in checking out the top attractions in Aarhus.

The Deer Park | ©

Stay at a cheap hotel in Aarhus with the kids

Zleep Hotels has one hotel in the south part of Aarhus, in Viby, where you can enjoy a comfortable stay with the family. We offer free parking, free WiFi and you can choose to purchase a healthy and organic breakfast in the morning. Zleep Hotel Aarhus South is located only 5 kilometers from Aarhus city center.

Our newest Zleep hotel is Zleep Hotel Aarhus Skejby, north of the city. The hotel is completely brand new, ensuring you a modern and fresh stay. It’s easy to get in to the city with the light rail which departs just outside the hotel.

Family vacation at Zleep Hotels

Zleep has 10 hotels in Denmark, many of them close to family attractions, perfect for when you are traveling with kids. All our hotels offer a bed of high quality, a nice shower, free WiFi and a healthy organic breakfast. Stay in a family room to get the most price friendly hotel stay. We look forward to welcoming you and the family at Zleep Hotels.

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