Meet the managers of Zleep Hotels

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We are always ready to assist you with any inquiries that you may have. You are more than welcome to contact our staff directly. Should you have any doubts about who is best placed to help, simply contact our reception on +45 70 235 635 and we will connect you to the staff member responsible.

Service Office

CEO, Zleep Hotels, Peter Haaber

Peter Haaber

Executive Officer, Zleep Hotels, Jesper Østerhegn

Jesper Østerhegn
Executive Officer

HR Manager, Zleep Hotels, Tina Berning

Tina Berning
Director of Human Resources

Catharina Hallberg
Director of Sales & Marketing

Finance Manager, Zleep Hotels, Schott Skjoldborg Jørgensen

Schott Skjoldborg Jørgensen
Finance Manager

Project Coordinator, Zleep Hotels, Sebina Christiansen

Sebina Christiansen
Project Coordinator

Jytte Vestergaard
Director of Operations, Jutland

Director of Operations Zealand, Zleep Hotels, Birgitte Nørgaard

Birgitte Nørgaard
Director of Operations, Zealand

Lene Toft
Quality Assurance Manager

Bettina Rehné | Zleep Hotels

Bettina Rehné
Sales Manager, Zealand & Funen


Gabrielle Johansson Qvist
Sales Manager, Sverige

Mohammed Majed
IT Manager

Booking Manager, Zleep Hotels, Melanie Santos

Melanie Santos
Distribution & Systems Manager

Sandra Zalpyte
Reservation & Support Manager

Camilla Petersen
Distribution Assistant

Hotel Managers

Dominik Andersen

Dominik Andersen
Hotel Manager

Lise Havbæk Bruun | Zleep Hotel Aarhus Syd

Lise Havbæk Bruun
Hotel Manager
Aarhus Viby

Susanna Lund
Hotel Manager
Copenhagen Airport

Barbara V. Christensen | Zleep Hotel Ishøj

Barbara V. Christensen
Hotel Manager

Lene Haslund Jensen
Hotel Manager

Mattias Thorsteinsson | Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena

Mattias Thorsteinsson
Hotel Manager
Copenhagen Arena

Dominique Simon beskåret

Dominique Simon
Hotel Manager
Madrid Airport

Vibeke Wonsbeck Filsø
Hotel Manager

Marta Bagniuk

Marta Bagniuk
Hotel Manager
Prindsen Roskilde

Hotel Manager, Zleep Hotel Ishøj, Eva Larsen

Eva Larsen
Hotel Manager
Copenhagen CityIshøj

Dennis Kjer Nissen
Hotel Manager
Aarhus Skejby

Line Bundgaard
Hotel Manager

Ulrik Guldborg
Hotel Manager

Jiri Kladivo
Hotel Manager