Terms and Condition

We will soon be transitioning to our new website. Therefore, you might experience being forwarded to the new booking portal.

In general

The following terms and conditions apply to reservations made directly through Zleep Hotels’ (hereafter Zleep) own sales channels. The exact room specifications and hotel regulations appear in the booking confirmation. Special rules may apply for group bookings, corporate agreements and offers.

Booking and confirmation

Your booking is binding from the moment you receive a booking confirmation. If you book several rooms, please provide the name, country, and email of one person from each room. In addition, as the one registering the booking, you are also required to inform of your telephone number, address, and account information. Different rules apply to different prices. FlexPrice can be changed or canceled until 2.00 pm on the day of arrival. BestPrice cannot be changed or canceled. All prices stated on the website are per person per night. To book a room at Zleep you must be 18 years old. People under the age of 18 must check in with an adult, and both must stay at the hotel at the same time (not necessarily in the same room). If you book a room for a minor, you are responsible for this person whether you stay in the same room or not.

Arrival and departure

Your room is available from 2.00 pm on day of arrival and check out is at 11.00 am on the day of departure. However, it is possible, in agreement with the reception, to extend your stay until 1.00 pm on the departure day for DKK 200. If you are not checked out at the agreed time (11.00 am or 1.00 pm by agreement), Zleep reserves the right to charge an amount equal to the daily price of the additional day. Early check in is also possible by prior arrangement with the reception (DKK 100). It is possible to check in and out around the clock at all Zleep hotels. If the reception is closed upon arrival, please use the self-service machine in the entrance area.

Cancellation and no-shows

The exact cancellation policy is stated in the booking confirmation. In case of late cancellation of FlexPrice reservations (after 2:00 om on the day of arrival) or no-shows, the price of the first night will be charged. In case of cancellations of BestPrice reservations or no-shows, the price is charged for all nights. Important: The amount will be deducted from the card provided at the time of booking, unless otherwise agreed. Special rules for group bookings may apply. If you are prevented from completing your stay, the remaining days can be canceled no later than 11:00 am if you have a FlexPrice reservation. If you wish to cancel a stay, this can be done either through the website, email to booking@zleep.com or by phone to +45 70 235 635, after which you will receive a cancellation confirmation.


Payment is due upon arrival at the hotel. However, some hotel offers must be paid in advance. We prefer cashless payment and credit cards. On arrival, a deposit of DKK 1500 / SEK 1500 is usually deducted. The deposit may vary with the use of debit cards. The amount will be refunded after the stay if the room is left in the same condition as upon arrival and all cancellation deadlines are met. A secure payment process: For all online payments via website or self-service machines, please perform a two-factor authentication. The authentication confirms your identity in the payment process. Therefore, for online payment you will receive a request to enter a one-time code, which you will receive via SMS.

Values and luggage storage

Some hotels offer safety boxes for luggage and other belongings. Other hotels offer storage rooms (read more on the specific hotel site). Both safety boxes and storage rooms are located in the common areas. We advise not to leave valuables or similar in the common areas unattended. Zleep is under no obligation to store items of high value or items that could jeopardize security. Zleep disclaims responsibility for lost belongings wherever it might be stored.


We encourage all guests to become familiar with the fire plan at the back of the room door, emergency exits and fire extinguishers as soon as possible after arrival.

Personal data policy

Zleep handles and protects your personal data in accordance with European law. Read more about the handling in Zleep’s own personal data policy.


If you have any questions, comments, or similar please contact:

Zleep Hotels
Dalbergstrøget 5, 1st floor
2630 Høje Taastrup
Email: info@zleep.com