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Affordable and great hotels in Copenhagen

Mutual for our four hotels in Copenhagen is that you always get a good night’s sleep in a nice room – at a great rate. If you stay in a Zleep Hotels room, you can always get a good and healthy breakfast, and of course WiFi is always free.

The cheap hotels are located in the central and vibrant Vesterbro, near the airport and further away from the city in Greater Copenhagen. This means that we offer hotels for all travelers, whether you are a tourist or just in need of a place to stay for business.

Below, you can click on each hotel in Copenhagen and read more about their facilities, prices, and book your next stayover.

Destination Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of the most exciting destinations in Europe. The city acts as a stepping stone to all the Nordic countries due to its central location, but it is in and of itself a historic and cultural experience. Further enticing, Copenhagen has on several occasions been nominated the best city to live in. Whether you are traveling for business to attend a meeting or conference, or wish to explore Copenhagen, you will quickly realize why it is such a great place to live. Below, you will find all Zleep hotels in Greater Copenhagen. Together, they offer a wide selection of locations, ensuring that you can have exactly what you are seeking!

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Hotel discounts in Copenhagen

A unique and international capital city

Copenhagen is not to be missed. Copenhagen is a versatile city with great experiences all year round. No matter which time of the year, you travel to Copenhagen, you will definitely have a memorable experience. The city was founded nearly 1,000 years ago, and you will find plenty of history in the otherwise modern city; the new and modern is thoughtfully integrated among the historic buildings. Copenhagen is home to a wide selection of sights and attractions, charming streets, green parks, cozy cafés and wonderful historic buildings. The city is increasing in size, it is gaining more international awareness and interest, and it has become easier to get around with public transportation. Choose Zleep Hotels when you need a stayover in Copenhagen and want to save money on your hotel room so that there is more for your actual experiences.

Attractions in Copenhagen

If the purpose of your travels is to experience Copenhagen’s attractions, you will definitely find out that you need to come back for more as there are many great attractions to be visited. There are countless experiences to enjoy if you are interested in museums, history, architecture, theater, amusement parks, food, “hygge,” or shopping. There is plenty to do, so it is worth considering getting a cheap hotel in Copenhagen without having to compromise on quality.

Museums: In the heart of Copenhagen, you can experience fine art at Glyptoteket next to the central station, also close toThorvaldsen’s museum, and the Cisterns in Søndermarken (“the Southern Field”); learn more about the history of Denmark at the National museum and about Copenhagen’s history at Christiansborg Castle; hear royal tales at Amalienborg Castle; see how a Danish innovation leads to the creation of the modern beer at Visit Carlsberg brewery, get mesmerized by the starry sky at Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and enjoy great Danish design at Design Museum Denmark. Because Copenhagen is such a compact city, it is easy to get around to all of these central museums, and our central hotel in Copenhagen is thus in walking distance to many of the attractions. If you sleep at Zleep Hotel Ishøj in Greater Copenhagen, you will be near the art museum Arken. And if you choose to stay at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup, you are only a short trip from The Blue Planet and Copenhagen Airport. Only a few of the many sights and attractions that you can experience in Copenhagen have been mentioned here.

Culture: Copenhagen is an attractive destination for beautiful theatrical performances, spectacular musicals, world-famous musicians, exciting sport events, and large conferences. Near the cheap hotel in Copenhagen’s center, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, is the New Theater and Tivoli’s Concert and Glass Halls that all offer amazing concerts all year round. Also the Royal Theater by Kongens Nytorv has a program that is full of exciting events. You can go to large sport events at Telia Parken, in the new multifunctional Royal Arena in Ørestad by Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena, and in the Super Arena by Zleep Hotel Ballerup. We have plenty of good reasons why you should visit Copenhagen, and we want to make sure that you have the right conditions to facilitate your stay with Zleep’s cheap hotels in Copenhagen.

Amusement parks: Denmark is home to fairy tales, and in Copenhagen, we live in a fairy tale in many ways. If you want to experience the magnificent fairy tale side of Copenhagen, you have to visit Tivoli or Bakken. The historical, classic and unbelievably “hyggelige” amusement parks invite you inside for a day full of fun. But both parks are not merely amusement parks: they are home to beautiful gardens and delicious restaurants, and you will quickly realize that both Tivoli and Bakken are visited by tourists and families as well as business travelers and couples. Bakken is located in the northern part of Greater Copenhagen near Zleep Hotel Lyngby whereas Tivoli is placed in the heart of the city, within walking distance from Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City.

Shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a trendy small metropolis, which is not just visible in the interplay between modern and historic buildings, but also in the many shopping opportunities. In the city center of Copenhagen, you can find small, unique stores on all streets, no matter which end of the city you are in. The main shopping street, “Strøget”, is the world’s longest and oldest pedestrian street. This is a goldmine for anyone who loves the popular brands from Denmark and the rest of the world. You can also shop in large malls in Copenhagen, such as Field’s, Fisketorvet, Illum, and Magasin, which are all full of popular, upcoming, and unique brands.

In Copenhagen, there are large malls such as Field’s, small shops in the narrow streets, and global brands’ flagship stores on Strøget, the main shopping street of Copenhagen. Here you will find something for every taste, and you will definitely be able to make unique bargains on your shopping trip to Copenhagen. If you stay at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, you will be located in the hip Vesterbro neighborhood in central Copenhagen. When getting out of bed in the morning, you will be in walking distance to the biggest shopping experiences in Copenhagen.

Modern city in historical facilities

Copenhagen’s borders are of course fluent, and for tourists, more and more of Greater Copenhagen is considered part of central Copenhagen. That is just one of the reasons why Copenhagen is full of both historical and modern buildings. New, modern buildings and entire city parts are well-integrated with the city’s cultural heritage: if you walk through the inner city, you will experience Copenhagen as a modern city with contemporary stores, but if you look up you will quickly be aware of just how old the city is as it is mostly made up of classic buildings from the past few centuries. Historical buildings, such as Christiansborg castle, Amalienborg castle, Rosenborg castle, the Round Tower, the Stock Exchange, the Citadel, Kartoffelrækkerne, and New Harbor should definitely be on your sightseeing in Copenhagen to-do list.

The districts in Copenhagen have very different experiences to offer. Nørrebro’s multicultural environment has been the foundation for the Red Square at Superkilen as well as the World Corner’s food stalls and integration activities. Vesterbro’s raw environment facilitates a vibrant atmosphere that has made the popular district a trendsetter for art, hip stores, and creative food concepts. And Vesterbro has been acknowledged as one of the world’s ten coolest city districts by Lonely Planet in 2017. Ørestad is a district where the metro takes you from one architectural masterpiece to the next, among others are Royal Arena, DR Concert Hall, WM Mountains, 8Tallet, and many, many more. Come to Copenhagen and experience how past and present is intertwined to make up a historically modern city. The cheap hotels in Copenhagen is located in the heart of the city and in the surrounding cities so that you can decide what kind of environment you want to live in.

Culture and transportation in Copenhagen

Whether you are a tourist or a business traveler, you will not be bored while in Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark is vibrant and full of life all year round. No matter where you are staying, it is always easy to get around: if you stay in central Copenhagen, you will realize just how compact the city is as you will be able to get just about everywhere on foot; the metro is an easy transport option and will get you around most of the inner city; if you choose to stay in Greater Copenhagen, the S-train network is very helpful, and we always ensure that it is easy to get to and from with public transportation. As a temporary local in Copenhagen, you might want to get up on a bike instead: Copenhagen has been awarded the world’s best bike city for several years, and the great biking conditions make it both safe and actually easier to get around to most of the destinations in the capital city.

The relaxing culture in Denmark is emphasized by the Danes’ favorite activity “hygge”, which has become an internationally famous notion. The atmosphere and townscape of Copenhagen is, naturally, also characterized by this relaxed culture. Despite it being a large city, an immense effort has been made to create gardens, parks, and other green areas. The parks are beautifully kept and offer a lovely breathing space, away from the busy and vibrant city life. When the weather is nice, this is where you will find all the locals in Copenhagen. Among the popular destinations are:

  • Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro where H.C. Andersen and Michael Strung, among others, have been buried. And even though this may sound like a weird place to hygge, the many people who enjoy the surroundings consider it a tribute to life.
  • Botanical Garden in central Copenhagen is a beautiful destination with Denmark’s largest collection of plants. The garden is ideal for a walkthrough if your route takes you past the area.
  • Frederiksberg Gardens should definitely be visited. Not just because the vibrant garden is unbelievably beautiful and is the perfect place for a picnic and romantic walks, but also because there is a free view to the elephants in Copenhagen Zoo.
  • The King’s Garden in central Copenhagen is Denmark’s oldest royal garden from the 1600s. Its central location near Nørreport station makes it an attractive place for hygge in the summer period. In addition, Rosenborg Castle is also located in the King’s Garden.
  • Søndermarken (the Southern Field) on the border between Valby and Frederiksberg is the most green park of those mentioned on this list. The other examples are all gardens whereas this is an authentic landscape park, which means that wild plants grow as they please and enormous trees reach up towards the sky. Here, you can also find several viewing posts into Copenhagen Zoo, interactive lamps light up a 2.5 km running trail, and art exhibits can be experienced in the underground Cisterns.

A vacation to Copenhagen can also be a relaxing experience and doesn’t necessarily have to be full of activities day in and day out. A stayover in Copenhagen might just be what you are in need of. As a temporary Copenhagener, you can plan your day exactly as you want it to be. At our hotels in Copenhagen, we are of course also more than happy to help guide you to the best destinations according to your wants and needs.

Gastronomic experiences in CPH

Copenhagen is a true food Mecca and one of the absolutely best food cities in the world; a creative space for food lovers and endless options for the hungry. There is something for every taste, whether you are looking for the traditional, international kitchens, or creative taste experiences. There are delicious restaurants, simple food concepts, and cozy cafés everywhere in the small streets of central Copenhagen.

The new Nordic kitchen has become a world popular phenomenon after restaurants such as Noma has revolutionized the way we use our nature and natural ingredients in the Nordic countries. The interest for the new Nordic kitchen’s simple complexity and sustainable approach to cooking has been growing steadily. And it is exactly that, the new Nordic kitchen’s manifest is all about: To display the Nordic products and the culture behind them; to use raw ingredients that grow naturally in the Nordic climate and landscape; to find innovative combinations between foreign ideas and Nordic cooking methods and traditions; and to put the Nordic countries on the world map as a sustainable destination. Organic food and food waste are two areas that have been an especially large focus on in Scandinavia. That is why we are also happy to serve a breakfast buffet at all our hotels that primarily consists of organic products, and that we minimize our food waste as much as possible. Read more about the breakfast here.

One foreign tradition that has been combined with the Nordic kitchen is the street food concept from Asia. In Copenhagen, street food has blossomed, which is especially visible in the growing number of food markets that can be found in the capital city. At food rendezvous like the Meatpacking District and WestMarket on Vesterbro near Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, Torvehallerne by Nørreport, and at the World Corner in Nørrebro, food is worshipped. No matter which booth or restaurant you choose to visit, your taste buds are in for a treat. Enjoy gourmet hotdogs, pulled duck burgers, churrasco BBQ, specialty beers from local breweries, and much more – there’s plenty of food that is inspired by traditions from Asia, America, and Europe. If you wish to travel to a city where experiences and attractions are complemented by gastronomic experiences, then Copenhagen is the ideal destination for you. Moreover, if you choose a cheap stayover in Copenhagen at Zleep Hotels, you’ll have a little more leftover for the food budget.


Our hotels serve a nice breakfast buffet every morning. You can find information about what is available for breakfast at each hotel by looking up the specific location page. Breakfast can be added to your room for just DKK 99 per person. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old can have breakfast for DKK 69. The breakfast is a Scandinavian buffet that primarily consists of organic products. Read more about the breakfast buffet.


We work with two pricing concepts that have different cancellation terms. BestPrice is prepaid and cannot be cancelled after the reservation has been confirmed, but you will save 10% on the daily rate. FlexPrice is our daily rate, which is a flexible reservation that can be cancelled until 2.00 pm on the day of arrival. Cancel your reservation here.

Check in and out

Check-in is possible from 2.00 pm. Please check out no later than 11.00 am.
Upon arriving, please ask the reception if it is possible to check in early or check out late. It costs an additional DKK 100 for checking in early and/or DKK 100 for late check-out (until 2.00 pm).


If you require more than 5 rooms, you will need to make a group reservation. In doing so, we ensure that all information is correctly complete and you will receive the best price possible. Complete this form and our booking department will contact you as soon as possible!

Opening hours

The hotels in Kastrup and Vesterbro are open 24/7.
The hotels in Ishøj and Ballerup are closed at night, but it is still possible to gain access to the buildings and rooms by using your keycard or by checking in on the self-service machine. If you have any questions or experience difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us on: +45 70 235 635. We are available 24/7 and ready to help you inside and all the way into your room.


The hotels in Kastrup, Ishøj, and Ballerup all have free parking lots. Please notice that details and rules for each parking lot can be found under each hotel’s description.
The hotel on Vesterbro does not have its own parking lot, but it is possible to park in the surrounding streets or nearby parking garages. See the hotel’s own page for detailed parking guidance.

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More hotels in Copenhagen

In the coming years, we will open more, cheap hotels in Copenhagen. Among the confirmed hotel projects is an affordable hotel in Ørestad, right next to Royal Arena

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena




Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City




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Corporate deals

A corporate agreement with Zleep Hotels gives you and your colleagues up to 20% savings on stayovers in Copenhagen. The discount deal is applicable to all hotels, no matter where in Greater Copenhagen you decide to stay.

Bed and breakfast Copenhagen

There are several Zleep hotels in Copenhagen to choose from. All the hotels have one thing in common: they are cheap hotels in Copenhagen that do not compromise on quality! We have central locations; we are located in short distance to Copenhagen Airport; and we are placed in the surrounding cities of Greater Copenhagen. We are where you need us. Choose a Zleep hotel that fits your needs:

  • Zleep Hotel Ballerup is a central hotel in Ballerup that is near all the surrounding business districts. If you need a cheap hotel while visiting Copenhagen on business or to enjoy an event at Ballerup Super Arena, our hotel in Ballerup is the ideal choice.
  • Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup is short five-minute drive from Copenhagen Airport. Do you need a cheap hotel near Copenhagen Airport? Then book a room at our hotel in Kastrup.
  • Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena is the neighbor of Royal Arena, located just around the corner from the shopping mall Field’s and Ørestad metro station. The hotel is placed in a central location in one of Copenhagen’s most modern districts and close to the city center.
  • Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City is located on Vesterbro in central Copenhagen. The hotel is placed right next to Copenhagen central station and is in walking-distance to Tivoli, the Meatpacking District and Tycho Brahe Planetarium.
  • Zleep Hotel Ishøj’s rooms are found on the 8th and 9th floor in Ishøj Mall. You have a train station in the same building and free parking is available. A stayover in Ishøj is perfect if you want to have easy access to Copenhagen but wish to sleep in the calmer surroundings of Greater Copenhagen. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the hotel is near the art museum Arken.
  • Zleep Hotel Lyngby is located next to Ferrari’s showroom. The hotel is also near DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) and the surrounding business area. Lyngby might be your final destination but even if you want to take a small trip to Copenhagen city, then it’s an easy ride with the train.

Nearby cities

Copenhagen is surrounded by exciting cities that also offer magnificent history and cultural experiences. Don’t be fooled by Denmark’s size; it is not just the capital that has something to offer on Zealand, but also the rest of the island is full of opportunities. If you are looking for a hotel just outside of Copenhagen, we also offer the following hotels:

  • Roskilde: You can live in the heart of Denmark’s first capital city at Zleep Hotel Roskilde. Roskilde is just half an hour drive from Copenhagen. Here you are staying in the middle of the main shopping street and in walking distance to all the exciting attractions in Roskilde, such as the Viking ship museum and the UNESCO heritage; Roskilde Cathedral.
  • Hillerød: In Norther Zealand you can experience, among other great things, Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød and the UNESCO heritage Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. Zleep Hotel Hillerød is located on the Marketplace in the heart of Hillerød.

The public transportation in and around Copenhagen is excellent, making it easy to get to and from most of the surrounding areas. In the inner city, you can easily jump on a metro all day and night, while the S-train network makes it simple to get to Northern Zealand, and regional trains gives you the opportunity to quickly get to Roskilde.

Cheap hotel in Copenhagen with breakfast

The breakfast buffet at our hotels ensures a great start to a day full of adventures as the most important meal of the day has been taken care of. Get the most out of your days in Copenhagen by joining us for breakfast in the morning when we serve a Scandinavian breakfast buffet. The buffet primarily consists of organic products and of, among other things, various types of bread, cold cuts, cereals, eggs, coffee and much more. Read about our breakfast buffet.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City single room




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Hotel Copenhagen Offer

There are always great offers available. If you are looking for a discount on a stayover in Copenhagen, you can find affordable accommodation with season and weekend deals on this website. See the available offers on our hotels in Copenhagen here.

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Hotels in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Copenhagen? Then look no further. All you need to choose is which location suits you best. We offer a wide selection of hotels in Copenhagen. Choose the hotel that best fits your needs.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City