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Save up to 20% on your hotel stays

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Save up to 20%

Are you travelling on business? Do your colleagues travel for work? Get ahead and ensure your company savings of up to 20% on your hotel stayovers. More than 1,200 companies are already taking advantage of a corporate agreement with Zleep Hotels.

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Corporate discount on hotels

Is anything better than coming home to a comfortable bed after a long day at work? If you have had a busy day, you probably just want to check in fast and easy so that you can get up to your room and relax. At Zleep Hotels, we guarantee quality with efficient processes. Of course, we also have attractive business deals on hotel stayovers. We offer a single corporate agreement for the entire hotel chain, giving your company a favorable discount at all our hotels no matter where you need a good bed to sleep in.

Let us take care of your needs

We are responsive to your individual needs; we understand that your requirements may differ from that of your colleagues. For example, if you just want to check in and go straight to your room and relax, then please be our guest. However, you do have the option of lingering over a good cup of coffee or a cold drink while enjoying the always-free WiFi in our cozy lounge. If that’s the case, then go right ahead. Zleep Hotels is characterized by our informal environment, which allows us to be there for you whenever you need it.

Your trip, your hotel, your discount

Several factors are considered when your discount is calculated. We strive to ensure that you get the best deal for your needs. All our agreements are regularly evaluated – should we notice that you have made enough reservations to qualify for a larger discount then we will immediately improve your rate.


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Hotel business deals

You can easily get in touch with our sales department and get a non-binding offer on a hotel deal for your company by filling out the form above. The corporate discount can save your company up to 20% on stayovers. You can read much more about all the benefits of getting a contract with Zleep Hotels below.

Common features at all Zleep Hotels

The benefits of using Zleep Hotels for business travel are many, and all the hotels have many common features while they simultaneously adapt to local needs. We strive to increase the value that our guests receive. As the best hotel supplier, we do this by matching price, quality and service with your expectations. As a guest, you always get a quality bed, free high-speed WiFi, a modern TV, shower and fixtures of high quality, comfortable lounge facilities, and of course a great cup of coffee. All our hotels have a good location with easy parking options or nearby public transportation.

One agreement. Countless opportunities.

You get one, combined business agreement for all Zleep Hotels so that you have a good company discount at all our hotels. We are located in both major cities and in secondary location, giving you many opportunities when traveling for business. All the hotels are included in a single contract, allowing you to save up to 20% on all your hotel stayovers. Contact our sales department and hear what your opportunities of getting a corporate agreement with Zleep Hotels are. Get a business contract with one hotel chain and make your travels easier and your work more efficient.

Bonus program for your colleagues

When you and your colleagues stay at Zleep Hotels, you get a stamp for each stayover. We give the 10th stay for free, which can be used at all the hotels. Whether you choose to use your free stayover privately on a leisure trip or for commercial traveling is up to you. No matter what, your company gets an attractive deal on business traveling with cheap stayovers and a fringe benefit that your colleagues can use with the family.

Benefits of a corporate agreement

Apart from a great hotel business agreement, you get a long list of other benefits:

  • More hotels, one agreement. If you have a corporate agreement with Zleep Hotels, it is valid at all our hotels. This means that you get one package of discounts, which is applicable to all the hotels, no matter where you and your colleagues are traveling to. When we open new hotels, a discounted rate is automatically added to your corporate program with Zleep Hotels. This means an great, low rate is attached to your company profile when we get more hotels. We are growing a lot, and we are happy to make it even easier for you by offering more locations, allowing you to continue to use just one hotel chain and just one hotel contract for all your travels.
  • Flexible reservations. When you book your stayovers directly through, you will get a full overview of all our room types and the best available rate. If you choose to get a corporate agreement with Zleep Hotels, you get flexible cancellation terms that allow you to cancel your reservation until 2.00 pm on the day of arrival.
  • Quick processing of reservations. If you book directly through our website, your reservations will be registered immediately. This makes the booking process much faster for you, and should you need to make changes to your reservation, you will be given quick service and great terms.
  • No intermediary. There are no middleman in your reservations when you book directly through Zleep Hotels’ channels with a corporate agreement. This ensures that you are in direct contact with us, allowing us to better help you from reserving your room until departure. Without intermediaries, you get the best benefits and the best available prices.
  • Leave the credit card in your wallet. When using your company login on our website, your reservation is integrated with your company’s profile in our system, so there is no need to fill out credit card information every time. This makes the booking process faster and simpler for you. Some companies are offered the opportunity have their bill invoiced directly to the company, allowing your staff and guests to stay at Zleep Hotels without needing to get out a credit card to guarantee the stayover.
  • Bonus program. As an extra incentive to your colleagues, all corporate stayovers gives a stamp in Zleep Hotels’ personal bonus program. The 9th stay triggers a free stay at any Zleep Hotel.

Hotels for everyone

Zleep Hotels has always been here to offer a good hotel offer for the price-conscious who do not want to compromise on quality. We thus welcome everyone from everywhere. Our high value corporate agreements cater to everyone, whether you are self-employed, small businesses, medium sized businesses, and of course large corporations in need of hotel rooms. You are always welcome at Zleep Hotels, whether you are from corporate traveling on business, the project-based workman, or just have time off work for a fun family trip or a romantic getaway. Our locations ensure that you get a good and cheap stayover.

Business hotels

Zleep Hotels is frequently used by companies that need their staff to be well-rested. We are frequented by small businesses that are part of smaller building projects as well as large corporations that need to stay for longer periods of time. Companies choose Zleep as their hotel partner because of our easy check in, quality beds, and attractive contract pricing. Furthermore, we serve a breakfast buffet, which can be added to the reservation if there is need of extra energy in the morning. The hotels are suitable for most, so of course the hotels are also ideal for business travelers in need of a good bed.

Airport hotels

We have airport hotels that make it even easier for travelers – both for incoming travelers in need of an easy stayover for a meeting in town as well as outgoing travelers who have an early departure and need to stay near the airport. At our airport hotels, we also serve the breakfast buffet even earlier, so more people can get a bite to eat before takeoff.

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Are you convinced?

If you want to receive a non-binding offer, then contact our sales department today. Send us a request to receive a quote on hotels and get your business deal so that you can stay at a Zleep Hotel for an even more attractive price. Your hotel discount is flexible, so you will be able to use it at all our hotels – also when we open new hotels. If you want to hear more, fill out the form above to have our sales department contact you.

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