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We are always interested in expanding and strengthening our brand by opening new hotels. Especially the Nordic countries are of great potential for Zleep as it is our home and because we have a deep understanding of the markets’ needs. Specifically, countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Baltic region and Germany are potential markets.

We are searching for passionate and goal-oriented leaders who see a huge potential in their hotel. Are you searching for a concept that can make your routines more effective? Do you want to be part of a unique brand? Zleep Hotels offers a proven and successful hotel concept, which is easily implemented!

Concept and vision

Zleep Hotels is a hotel brand that concentrates on simplifying the traveling experience. The concept is thus simple: Our rooms consist of exactly what a guest needs – no more, no less. We are proud of our products, which is why we never compromise on quality. We are currently undergoing large transformations that will ensure better and more standardized quality. When we renovate a hotel, we insert a new quality bed, a nice shower in the bathroom and a flat screen TV as a standard in all rooms. Quality is just one part of our five core values that we incorporate both strategically and operationally. Do you want to be part of a deeply rooted culture that is made up of mutual respect, responsibility and good hostmanship? Read more about Zleep and our values.

We streamline our routines to make them more efficient so that you can focus on the operations of your hotel. At the service office we help with everything from B2B sales, marketing and development of technological solutions to pricing strategies, operational challenges and ensuring economies of scale. The simplicity of the concept makes it easy to implement.

Does your hotel need rebranding?

Do you consider rebranding your hotel, then Zleep Hotels is a great choice if you want to reach a wide audience and optimize the image of your location. If you become a franchisee of Zleep Hotels, you become part of a brand that we cherish. Our unique brand extends several competitive advantages that ensure your hotel a stronger position in the market and a clear identity. We have a close relationship with each of our franchisees to develop the best strategy for your hotel as we want to make sure that you succeed. As we say to our guests at the hotels, our service office is here for you when you need us; our cooperation will work the same. You can expect a strong partner in Zleep Hotels.

For owners of hotels and operations

As owner, you get an efficient business model that focuses on optimizing the use of your property. We use your square meters in the best way possible so that your guests get a great experience in small rooms. A newly built standard Zleep room is 18 net square meters, which is more than necessary for everything a guest needs during a stay. That also allows us to increase the capacity of each hotel. In the common areas, we offer inviting environments where we improve additional revenue streams. Contact Zleep Hotels if you want a flexible and trustworthy partner with a strong brand.

For operators

Zleep Hotels is a strong business partner for operators. We provide support in a wide range of areas, such as business sales, pricing strategy, marketing, IT development and much more. Furthermore, we actively function as discussion partners with whom you can continuously depend on daily hotel operations advise. Make your everyday life easier, focus on the most important tasks and increase your occupancy and revenue. Become part of the Zleep team.

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Become a part of Zleep

As part of Zleep Hotels, you will enter into a close cooperation with a strong, central service office. Among the many benefits of a franchise, which are all detailed below, you gain a strong position in the market and instantly have skilled colleagues, who will help from strategy development to implementation. Send us the details on your hotel or project, and we will be in touch.

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Occupancy optimization

We invest in big data technology, analyze the market and actively use benchmarking tools. Through these tools, Zleep Hotels’ revenue team constantly optimize the hotel’s optimization. The room prices are set by local demand and therefore secures strong results in relation to carefully selected competitors. Read more in our Zleep brochure “This is Zleep”

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Benefits of a Zleep Hotels franchise


Your hotel will be branded as a Zleep hotel. You will be integrated in our marketing on- and offline, which is coordinated by Zleep Hotels’ central marketing department. That means you receive existing material for your hotel and we will develop specific solutions for your local situation when necessary. We constantly work on optimizing the responsive website, which is a strong distribution channel, and ensure search optimization of your location. Furthermore, we continuously work with PR, local efforts, social media, newsletters, retargeting and search ads, and much more.

Economies of scale

As a franchisee of Zleep Hotels, you get the opportunity of purchasing through our suppliers. In cooperation with the purchasing cooperative Samhandel, you are ensured competitive prices on all your procurement. The majority of products and services necessary for a Zleep hotel can be purchased through one of the many great agreements in Samhandel or through agreements made directly with Zleep Hotels.

B2B sales

Zleep Hotels has its own sales department, which ensures local, national as well as international corporate agreements. From day one more than 1,000 corporate agreements are attached to your hotel. The companies gain access to your hotel with their existing discount agreement, which means you are guaranteed a database of customers, so that you quickly become a first priority at your destination for many. The sales department canvasses companies, traveling agencies, governments and associations. Simultaneously, we receive daily requests from new companies that are interested in getting an agreement with Zleep Hotels.

Access to distribution

You gain access to a strong distribution center, which is managed through our common server. This ensures that all hotels in our system are visible and available for sale on all relevant sales channels. Your hotel gets its own profile on Zleep Hotels’ website where we continuously optimize content and keyword usage. We, furthermore, support your presence on global distribution systems (GDS) and online traveling agencies (OTAs), and we also optimize your online presence on search engines.

Booking department

Zleep Hotels uses Oracle’s Opera as property management system (PMS), central reservation system (CRS) and point-of-sales (POS). It is crucial that we collect everything in one system so that we can optimize your direct sales through phone and mail in our qualified booking department. All the phones at our hotels are connected directly to the booking department so that we can redirect calls to any available personnel. The booking department ensures that you can focus on your guests that have arrived at the hotel, while we take care of leads and ultimately ensuring more reservations for your hotel in the future.

Revenue management

Our revenue management team has its finger on the pulse when it comes to your hotel and your market in general. Our revenue department analyzes the market and actively uses benchmarking tools to ensure that your hotel is optimized within all segments, and securing competitive prices for your hotel by selling at the right price at the right time. At your hotel, you will not need to spend time adjusting prices; we take care of it for you. We will make a pricing strategy that is uniquely designed to your hotel and continuously implement optimal pricing so that your occupancy (OCC%) and RevPAR* constantly follows market developments to ensure that your hotel always has a stable market share. Your room prices are thus optimized in relation to the local demand, and we will of course maintain a good result in relation to a carefully chosen comp.set**. We structure and control your pricing and the availability of the hotel in the intelligent revenue management system (RMS) Duetto, which suggests price adjustment based on the big data it collects. Furthermore, we ensure monthly statistics and continuously develop monthly forecast calculations on room revenue as well as annual budget analyses.

Training and education

Especially during the opening and conversion of your hotel, we will assist you in finding the right employees and train them to ensure everyone is well equipped to be part of a Zleep hotel. Our HR department is committed to continuously ensuring training and education of our most important resource; our colleagues. Whether you are looking for a host (receptionist), an assistant manager for the reception or a hotel manager, we will assist you throughout the recruitment process. Zleep Hotels is known as a great and well-operated company with proper conditions. We cherish our employees and guarantee a nice balance between professional and personal life. With our deeply rooted culture we are ready to continue being an attractive employer that finds the best candidates..

Contractual benefits

We make a virtue of being a flexible franchiser. For that reason, your cooperating agreement with Zleep Hotels has a minimum lifespan of 10 years.

The fees to become a Zleep Hotels franchisee and the continued running costs of maintaining the franchise are separate.

Assisted implementation

We are available and ready to support your daily work life, and especially during the development of or conversion to a Zleep hotel, we will be in a close relationship. We help every step of the way during the implementation of the brand. This means that your staff is trained in our systems and routines; introductory press relations are handled and your hotel gets its own profile setup on our website; the revenue department makes a pricing strategy, which will be optimized to your hotel’s location.

Accounting and financial management

Zleep Hotels’ financial department manages a wide selection of tasks that makes the daily operations at the hotel easier. We assist with all financial tasks, among which are budgeting, management reporting, liquidity management, wage reporting, preparing materials for audit and VAT reporting. Furthermore, our daily work of accounting consists of accounts payable (registering, billing and payment), accounts receivable (incl. debt collection) and financial accounting (maintenance of fixed assets register, balancing and phasing, etc.).

IT infrastructure

Through technology we improve our results and makes our routines more efficient. When you become a franchisee of Zleep Hotels, you become part of an innovative company and you are integrated in a strong IT infrastructure. For price optimization we use Duetto RMS; for coordinating invoices Faktura Boks is utilized; for staff schedule you gain access to Planday; your hotel will be integrated with the central phone system; as property management system and reservations system, the entire chain uses Micros’ Opera; and your hotel gets its own profile on the brand’s website, which is continuously improved.

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Hotel development

Zleep Hotels’ growth strategy is to accelerate hotel development, increase total capacity, and improve the existing hotels in the portfolio. Scaling our efficient business model ensures further increases in the value added to investors, franchisees, and partners alike.

Zleep Hotels has a AAA-rated creditworthiness. This means that we are a reliable partner and a safe investment. The triple A rating proves that Zleep Hotels has low risk of defaulting and can easily comply with its financial commitments.

Location criteria

Our guests are traveling with a purpose, and we want to be located in near proximity to their actual destination. Zleep Hotels makes it possible for the many to get an actual hotel experience. At the hotel, we ensure that our guests have the necessary facilities so that they can have a good night’s sleep and a great experience, but to guarantee an equally great location, a Zleep hotel should be:

  • Centrally located in a large metropolis or near central industrial areas
  • Near main infrastructure, such as train stations, airports and highways
  • Easily accessible with public transportation

Potential development opportunities

Zleep Hotels is growing. The potential of the brand is huge because we have found the right combination between quality, efficiency and a good culture. The hotel concept is easily implemented, and as a franchisee there are many great development opportunities. The following options are especially suitable for Zleep Hotels:

  • Conversion of existing hotels
  • Redevelopment of existing buildings
  • New hotel constructions

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    *ADR means “average daily rate” and RevPAR is short for revenue per available room. The prior refers to the average price that is charged for the sold rooms in a given period. The latter shows the average price compared the number of available rooms in a given period; also those rooms that are empty.

    **A comp.set is a list of carefully chosen competitors. These are developed for each hotel and contains the strategically nearest competitors in the surrounding area. A comp.set gives an overview that can be used to analyze how the hotel is performing compared to its competitors results.

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