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Central hotel at Prindsen Roskilde

Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde is a classic hotel with a beautiful façade and rococo interior design. The building’s more than 300-year long history provides a unique hotel experience. Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde is an ideal choice if you wish to visit Roskilde’s many attractions, have a meeting in the city, or are celebrating a wedding, birthday or other event in one of the hotel’s many banquet halls.

Historic atmosphere in modern environment

As with all Zleep hotels, we offer free high-speed WiFi in Roskilde that is easy to access. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your emails in the newly renovated lounge, which is called the ‘Harry Potter room’ by the hosts at the hotel due to its interior and atmosphere. Despite the modern conveniences, you will still be able to enjoy the comfortable and historical surroundings, from the entrance and all the way the way to your room. The room types differ substantially as the hotel is made up of four wings that were each built in different centuries!

More than just a bed

On the left side of the reception is the breakfast buffet, where we daily make sure that you get a proper breakfast, which consists of a healthy and varied diet so that there is something for everyone. You can sit and enjoy breakfast by the buffet, which is placed in a bright room with a great atmosphere among the guests and our staff. You can also sit in “the library”, which is both used for breakfast and later by groups, who want to sit together in the evening and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine from the reception. Breakfast is sold separately from the room, giving you the option to decide how many days you want to eat at the hotel, and which days you want to go out and eat somewhere else.

In extension to the library there are two meeting rooms, named “Mads Skjern” and “Director Varnæs”, who are characters in a classic Danish TV show set during the World War 2, Matador. The hotel was a source of inspiration to the author of the show, Lise Nørgaard. The meeting rooms can be used by anyone free of charge. As mentioned above, we want to be part of the local environment and this is one of the ways that we invite local companies and associations inside, but if you come from abroad, you are of course also welcome to host a meeting at the hotel.

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  • Zleep Hotel Roskilde lounge
  • Zleep Hotel Roskilde lounge
  • Zleep Hotel Roskilde lounge
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  • Holger Drachmann salongen på Zleep Hotel Roskilde

 In the room 

  • 73 rooms
  • Linen and bedding
  • Towels
  • Shower and toilet
  • Hairdryer

 In the reception

  • Iron and ironing board
  • Coffee and tea (DKK 20)
  • Staff available 24/7
  • Luggage room
  • Self service check in 24/7


  • Free WiFi
  • Elevator
  • Baby crib (DKK 100)
  • Free parking (remember to register your car in the reception)
  • Bar and lounge
  • Restaurant, meeting- and banqueting rooms and conference facilities
  • Bike rental

Need help? Call our main number:

+45 70 235 635

Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde

Algade 13, 4000 Roskilde
Parking: Sankt Ols Gade 5
Need help? Call our main number: +45 70 235 635
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Do you need help finding a parking spot? See our overview of where you can park near Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde.

Hotel information

Banqueting rooms

The banqueting rooms at the hotel consists of the Golden Age room, the Holger Drachmann saloons and the Gustav Wied saloons. Throw a party for your friends, family, colleagues, clients or business partners in these charming rooms.

Bike rental

You can rent a bike at the hotel. The price for 1 day is DKK 129. If you rent a bike for 2 or more days the price is DKK 99 per day.


The buffet is open all week. The price is DKK 129 per adult per day and DKK 89 per child per day (up to the age of 12). Children below the age of 3 eat for free.

Read more about Zleep’s breakfast here.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 6.00 am – 10.00 am
Weekend and public holidays: 7.30 am – 11.00 am


BestPrice cannot be cancelled as it is non-refundable. FlexPrice can be cancelled until 2.00 pm on the day of arrival. Cancel your reservation here.

Check in and out

Check in is possible from 2.00 pm. Please check out no later than 11.00 am.

Upon arriving, please ask the reception if it is possible to check-in early or check out late. It costs an additional DKK 200 for checking in early and/or DKK 200 for late check out (until 1.00 pm).

Children and additional guests

For every additional person in the room, we charge DKK 200 per night. Children between the ages 0 and 2 that sleep in their parents’ bed stay for free. It is possible to get a baby crib with pillow and duvet for DKK 100 per night.


If you require more than 5 rooms, you will need to make a group reservation. In doing such, we ensure that all information is correctly completed and you will receive the best price possible. Complete this form and our booking department will contact you as soon as possible!

Lost & Found

We keep all lost and found items for 4 weeks. Following which, any items with visible serial numbers, such as electronics, jewelry and other valuables are handed over to the police’s lost property office. Everything else is then donated to charity.

If you have forgotten something at the hotel, you need to contact the hotel.


You can park for free by the hotel. The address is Sankt Ols Gade 5, 4000 Roskilde. Please notice that there is only a limited number of parking spots. It is not possible to reserve a parking spot prior to arrival. If you park by the hotel, you will need to register your car on the tablet at the reception. If you forget to register, you risk getting a ticket.*

If all spots by the hotel are taken, we refer to the public car parks in the area. Please notice that payment and correct registration are at your own risk. Different parking rules apply depending on where you park in Roskilde.

See our overview of where to park near the hotel here.

Looking to charge your electric car? The nearest charging station is at Roskilde Domkirke 500 meters from the hotel or on the roof of Føtex at Roskilde Stationscenter 550 meters from the hotel.

* Parking and registration are at your own risk. Our parking lot is not monitored.


We accept the majority of all credit and debit cards as a means of payment.


We are happy to welcome you and your dog from July 1st, 2023.

Please be aware that the hotels have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms and that there are special guidelines that need to be kept.

You can read the guidelines here.

A fee of DKK 150 per dog per room needs to be paid. (A maximum of 2 dogs per room)

Please contact the hotel you wish to stay in, or our booking department to know more.

Reception opening hours

The hotel in Roskilde is open 24/7.


The restaurant Florentz Café & Brasserie is located in extension to the hotel.


All smoking is prohibited inside the hotels, but you are of course welcome to smoke outside. If you smoke inside the hotel, you will be charged DKK 1,500 for extra cleaning and an additional DKK 5,000 if you touch the smoke detector! An alert is sent directly to the chief of the fire department should you touch the smoke detector.

Control report

See our control report here

Offers in Roskilde

Student Discount

As a student you always save up to 20% on your stay.
10 - 20%
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Central and near all of Roskilde’s attractions

Roskilde is located at the heart of Zealand, and it was previously the capital city of Denmark due to its great harbor. Today, it is a popular trading town, abundant in culture. Our hotel has a wonderful location in the middle of Roskilde’s shopping street. You will have convenient access to free parking, located right behind the hotel. You can quickly and easily walk to some of Roskilde’s largest attractions. Among other places, you are in walking distance to:

  • Roskilde Cathedral: The world’s largest royal burial is home to some of the most beautiful and lifelike marble figurines. The cathedral in Roskilde is protected and enlisted on UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
  • Viking Ship Museum: Experience Viking ships that are more than 1,000 years old and learn more about the Viking Age. The museum in Roskilde is among the city’s most popular tourist attractions and it is quite understandably why.

  • City Park: A big, lovely, green area in the middle of Roskilde and with a great view over Roskilde Fjord. Within a very short time, you can walk from the hotel to the cozy park, which is a perfect place for walks, relaxation and romance.
  • Roskilde Museum: Do you want to learn more about the first capital of Denmark, then visit the region’s cultural and historical museum, which is located just 120 meters from the hotel in Roskilde.
  • Ragnarock: Denmark’s very own rock museum is a musical exploratorium. Through sound, pictures and activities, you will learn how the Danish youth culture has developed through music.
  • Saint Laurentius: The remains of the church is located at the very heart of Roskilde. Today, the remains of the church consist of a church tower as well as the ruins themselves two meters below the city square. Here archaeological findings from an excavation is showcased.

You can easily spend a couple of days in Roskilde, but should there not be enough to explore, then Copenhagen is just half an hour train ride away. Do you want to stay in central Roskilde, in the middle of the shopping street? Stay at Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde to be near everything.

Prindsen’s history

On March 5th, 1695, King Christian the 5th issued a decree concerning “public shelters and pubs in Denmark.” In this decree it was written that shelters were to be opened on shopping streets through which post was delivered. In accordance with the decree, what is known as Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde today was built as a privileged inn. In 1731, a terrible fire ravaged the city of Roskilde, and it unfortunately burned down a large part of the hotel as well. However, the hotel was restored by the owner, Madam Berg. In the 1800s, H.C. Andersen frequently visited the old hotel and so did the author and seascapist Holger Drachmann before he moved into Roskilde Palace. In 1875 the old inn was torn down and built up again but this time as a new and modern hotel. In 1876 the city’s many travelers could once again look for accomodation at the old hotel Prindsen that again opened its doors for the public after the renovation. The main building is designed by the architect Ove Petersen from The Royal Theater in a French renaissance inspired style. This style has given the beautiful building a special facade. It is thanks to this facade towards the main street and the Golden Age room that makes it so unique.

Restaurant and banqueting rooms

The Golden Age banqueting room is often considered the pride of the hotel and is probably the most beautiful and historic room in Denmark. Since the inauguration in 1880, the banqueting room has facilitated several large events in Roskilde. With expert guidance from the National Museum, the Golden Age room was gently brought back to original appearance in 2001. Today it is an exemplary illustration of just how well a classic room and modern technology can be combined; the architecture is very visible whereas the technology has been hidden as much as possible. Not many banqueting facilities in Denmark can facilitate as beautiful and festive surroundings for a wedding or other events. Thus, it is not without good reason that the banqueting room is such a popular choice to host festive events such as weddings, confirmations, birthdays, receptions and much more in.

Author Gustav Wied portray the atmosphere of Roskilde’s bird shooting company’s get-togethers in his book ‘Evil of Life’: “In the huge room, the large gas chandelier was lit, and chandeliers were beaming on the side of the six pillar mirrors. The audience was sitting head by head in tight rows; the gentlemen in full evening dress, and the ladies in their wildest clothing. An almost devout silence reigned the room. One hardly dared draw breath, that’s how excited one was. The eyes’ sparkling had become bigger and the color of the cheeks higher. The escorts’ protecting arms lay more firmly around the ladies’ meek waists. The hearts were beating and the lips were laughing. One started becoming a human being. Class differences melted away. And the hour of the uncritical involvement had come. The entire room was a confusing mass, a noisy buzzing of laughter. The chandelier rocked in the draught from the whirling skirts, and the floor was shaking. And the saloon decorative canvas wing doors in the theater were opening and closing. At 4 1/2 o’clock, the last guests went home.”

Beton mörkgrå

Student discount at all of our hotels

As a student we have a great offer for you. Get 20% off all weekends and 10% off Monday – Thursday. We know that traveling can be hard on the wallet and we want everybody to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep at a nice hotel. Perfect for Roskilde Festival for example.

Plan your trip with our student discount

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