3 great New Year's resolutions

that makes you want to travel more

Fireworks in Copenhagen
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December 28th, 2018

Whether you like it or not, the time has come. Maybe you have already started, or maybe you keep postponing it time after time. In any case, 2019 is just around the corner, and therefore it is time to look back on the year that has passed or more importantly; to look forward to the coming year. Enter; the New Year’s resolution.

If you lack inspiration, we will of course be happy to share our favorite resolutions with you. Feel free to add them to your list of goals in 2019. On top of that, we can also help you achieve some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

Below we have collected three goals for the new year. We hope you will be inspired.

1. Spoil your partner … and yourself

Does your partner provide breakfast in bed, offer a massage after a long day or even take the initiative to clean the house? If yes, then now is your change to do the spoiling with a romantic getaway. Hold hands, enjoy the sunset and celebrate love with a glass of champagne. This New Year’s resolution is a fun one to do because it is all about spoiling the ones you love. Don’t worry, it does not need to cost a fortune to go on a romantic getaway. It is not only in Paris that love can flourish, or in Rome’s charming streets that you can stare into each other’s eyes all night long. It can be just as pleasant to enjoy each other’s company in the immediate area. There are many Zleep hotels in Denmark with a good location and lots of charm that you can quickly visit when the opportunity arises. And remember, a partner who feels spoiled often spoils you back.

Beautiful sunset by Zleep Hotel Kalundborg

Put on the hiking boots

Do you want to experience the Northwestern Zealand, and the beautiful coastline that runs along Kalundborg inlet, you have to go to the peninsula Røsnæs. With steep slopes, beautiful beaches and outstanding scenery, Røsnæs is a true natural pearl in the landscape of Northwestern Zealand. From the peninsula you can look far across the sea. When the weather is clear, it is actually possible to see all the way to Samsø, Fyn and even Jutland. If you are an active couple, make sure to leave room for practical footwear in your suitcases. The countryside is a beautiful hiking destination. Whether you choose to experience the peninsula on foot or by car, you should visit the tip of Røsnæs, where you will find Røsnæs Lighthouse. An exhibition along the stairs will take you on a historic journey allowing you to learn more about the lighthouse and the peninsula. From Kalundborg you can take the ferry to Samsø on a one-day-trip while staying at Zleep Hotel Kalundborg (NB: This hotel is no longer a Zleep hotel).

For those who love gastronomic experiences

If you prefer culinary and a more relaxing experience, Røsnæs offers these, too. At Dyrehøj Vingård, Denmark’s largest vineyard, you can taste the local wines, and when the hunger hits you, you should visit Restaurant Naes. The restaurant offers great food experiences with locally grown ingredients. The restaurant, located right above the waterfront, is listed on various lists of Denmark’s best places to eat. Whether you prefer to go hiking in nature or try new culinary experiences, you should come stay at Zleep Hotel Kalundborg, located in connection to Restaurant Naes and only minutes from Røsnæs Lighthouse and the beautiful scenery in the surrounding area. Spoil your partner, enjoy the sunset and try local wines in Kalundborg.

Dyrehøj VingårdLocal wines from Dyrehøj vineyard 

2. Save money … but keep experiencing new things

It is easy to use money and often we use way more than first intended. You have probably already decided to save money and spend less in the coming year. This is certainly not the most fun New Year’s resolution to have, but it may be necessary. Fortunately, there are many experiences for children as well as adults that does not cost a fortune. Of course, we should take a closer look at some of these.

For those interested in culture

At all state-recognized museums in Denmark there is free access for children and guests under 18. Trapholt Museum in Kolding, Billund Museum and the New Carlsberg Glyptoteket in Copenhagen are among the 97 museums that today are state-recognized. On Tuesdays, the Glyptotek provides free access to everyone. On Wednesday, the converted church, Nikolaj Kunsthal, also offers free access. The art gallery is located in the heart of Copenhagen and shows international contemporary art. From the old church tower, it is possible to enjoy one of the city’s most beautiful views. A few times a year, The Royal Copenhagen Theater invites you to visit the Old Stage when arranging ‘Brunch and Ballet’. Here the attendees can watch while ballet master Nikolaj Hübbe teaches the ballet school’s children. Entrance is free for everyone, but the brunch must be purchased. Zleep has four hotels in Copenhagen, that all offer good accommodation at a grate rate. If in Copenhagen, book your stay at Zleep Hotels.

Glyptoteket © Ole HauptGlyptoteket in the center of Copenhagen

For those young at heart

Amusement parks are not just for those who love butterflies in their stomachs or feeling the wind in their hair. It is a great experience just go for a walk through the beautiful parks. Especially Tivoli attracts many tourists at Christmas and Halloween. In December the amusement park is filled with Christmas stalls, Santa Clauses and lots of Christmas lights. For Halloween, the park is filled with zombies, scary costumes and pumpkins of all sizes. At Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, we offer a Tivoli Package that includes a hotel room, breakfast and entrance to Tivoli Gardens. In Tivoli it is possible just to buy the entrance ticket, thus saving money on the rides. At Bakken in Dyrehaven, North of Copenhagen, the entrance is free. Naturally, the rides cost extra, but both Bakken and Dyrehaven are beautiful just to walk through. Bakken is the oldest amusement park in Denmark, while offering good entertainment for children and those young at heart.

Tivoli Kobenhavn

Tivoli Christmas Market | © Visit Denmark

For those who love water

If you enjoy a cold dip on a hot summer day, you can use the free harbor baths in several large Danish cities. Last summer, a large harbor bath opened in Aarhus with four pools including a children’s pool and a pool for juniors. In Copenhagen a similar harbor bath, Islands Brygge, attracts both families with children, exercise swimmers and everyone that enjoys the fresh water. Finally, Aalborg also offers a fresh dip in the summer months. The harbor bath is located in the center and provides guests with chairs, umbrellas, stand up paddling boards and a climbing wall. Replace the expensive beach holidays and water parks with Denmark’s free harbor baths.

For those who can’t do without their summer vacation

Unfortunately, it’s not all experiences that are available in free versions. Especially a summer vacation can be expensive. But if you can’t do without your summer vacation this year, luckily there are several ways in which you can save money whilst traveling. First and foremost, you should keep track of the market’s travel prices, and be ready to order as soon as the prices drop. In addition, there will undoubtedly be a lot of money to save if you keep your travel activities within Denmark. In the next, and last, resolution below we look at some of the beautiful Danish destinations worth a visit. If you would like to be informed about competitions, discounts and offers offered by Zleep Hotels, you can always sign up for our newsletter, in which you will get access to cheap hotel accommodations in Denmark.

Are you fond of experiences that do not cost a fortune or that might even be free? See our tips for 5 free things to do in Copenhagen.

3. Travel more … but stay home

To travel is to live. At least if we are to believe Hans Christian Andersen who wrote this back in 1855. Here at Zleep Hotels we believe the famous author. But we also believe that a lot of beautiful and exotic places are to be found here in Denmark, so there is no need to be traveling far in your search of culinary dining experiences, beautiful nature, cultural attractions or festive cities. Therefore, we recommend that you try being a tourist in your own country next summer.

Roskilde domkirke

Roskilde Cathedral

Tourist in Roskilde

If you visit the city of Roskilde, make sure to look inside Roskilde Cathedral. Roskilde Cathedral reflects an almost 1000-year-old Danish history and is also a unique building. The church is the gravesite of the country’s royal family, thus containing beautiful sarcophagus dating back to the Middle Ages. In addition to the cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum is a must see in Roskilde, which attracts many tourists every year. The museum exhibits reconstructions of Viking ships and traditional Nordic wooden boats. If you are visiting Roskilde, you are more than welcome to check in at our hotel. The hotel has previously been visited by Hans Christian Andersen and Holger Drachmann. Go on a historic city walk through Roskilde and book your stay at Zleep Hotel Roskilde. The hotel is close to the train station and offers free WiFi and parking.

Tourist in Aarhus

When visiting the Old Town of Aarhus, you go on a journey through time. In the cobbled streets you meet people from the late 1800s, and moving inside the old houses, you will discover how a family used to live ‘in the good old days’. In the Old Town you will also find a 70’s neighborhood, a poster museum and a toy museum. There are in other words, exciting things to do for the whole family. If you are looking for dining experience, visit Aarhus Street Food. The food market is tasteful and contains no less than 30 different street kitchens from all corners of the world. Just outside of Aarhus you will find the affordable Zleep Hotel Aarhus Viby with free WiFi and parking. If you want to know more about Aarhus make sure to check out this blog post about the Top Attractions in Aarhus. Both Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalborg have exciting food markets. Read more about the food markets in Denmark in “A World of Food”.

Aarhus Street FoodAarhus Street Food Market

Tourist in Aalborg

If you are looking for a festive city, you must visit Aalborg. In the city center you will find Jomfru Ane Gade, also called ‘the street’, which contains more than 20 restaurants, clubs and pubs. With its 150 meters, the street is Denmark’s longest restaurant street. In the middle of January, Zleep will open a new hotel in Aalborg right by the central station, allowing you to easily find your way back to the hotel after an evening out in ‘the street’.

Denmark has a lot to offer, and fortunately the country is small enough for you to visit many cities while on vacation in Denmark. Zleep has hotels in many popular Danish tourist towns, and we look forward to welcoming you when travelling in Denmark in 2019. If you plan to visit Copenhagen, or if you are a local in need of inspiration, feel free to read more about the beautiful city and its ‘secret’ attractions here: “Staycation in Copenhagen”.

Travel more with Zleep

Hopefully you have now been inspired to embark on a New Year’s resolution or two in the coming year. If you want to experience Denmark as a tourist, spoil your partner with a weekend getaway or save money while travelling, we at Zleep Hotels will be happy to help you achieve your goals for 2019. We are proud to offer attractive prices, popular locations near exciting sights and scenic areas as well as time-saving solutions for those who have a tight travel program.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and the best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions.

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