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“Start your holiday tour with a rest day” – this is the call in Zleep Hotels’ new summer campaign


Today, Zleep Hotels launches a new summer campaign under the name Tour de Zleep in where they encourage the recipient to start the holiday tour with a rest day. The campaign contains clear references and an inherent tribute to this summer’s major sporting event on Danish soil, Le Tour de France. Especially, the rest day’s impact on the (holiday)tours’ result, commitment and surplus energy are praised in this campaign that in terms of sales offers a 20 percent tour discount and a chance to take part in a ‘summer competition beyond categorization’. Last mentioned, in collaboration with the chain’s global loyalty program, H Rewards.

“The fact that the world’s largest bicycle race is coming to Denmark must be marked and therefore, we use the Danish tour start as a starting point for our own campaign and in addition, we take the liberty to play with the tour concept’s many meanings in a humorous way. Completing the Tour de France is a sporting achievement without comparison and there is no doubt about it but still, we allow ourselves to make a comparison as a holiday can be “tough”, too. An overly tight program, three lively kids in the water park or bad footwear on the hike are all reasons to take a rest day or two,” says Maria Wagner, Head of Marketing at Zleep Hotels.

Visually, the Tour de Zleep campaign is based on a yellow suitcase with reference to the famous yellow jersey. The suitcase will create coherence across the campaign’s many platforms, among these newsletters and print materials, and will also be available in physical versions at all Danish Zleep hotels. In addition, the suitcase will play an important role in the campaign’s development and engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

“I look forward to following the campaign’s development and to see it unfold across digital channels, social media, and print materials. But most importantly, I know that everyone at Zleep Hotels look forward to taking part in the yellow folk festival when cyclists as well as cycling fans, locals, and tourists fill the streets and hopefully visit at Zleep hotel,” says Maria Wagner.

The tour discount is available for arrivals between the 8th of June and the 11th of September 2022.

About Zleep Hotel

Zleep Hotels is a part of Deutsche Hospitality’s brand family. Zleep Hotels’ vision is to always deliver quality, service, and design at a great rate. Today, the hotel brand consists of 14 hotels in Denmark and one in Sweden. The goal is to operate 40 hotels in 2025 together with Deutsche Hospitality. Read more about Zleep Hotels.

About Deutsche Hospitality

Vision, passion and cosmopolitanism. Deutsche Hospitality delivers the perfect guest experience. Tradition and an eye for the future come together in an inimitable portfolio of eight brands operating across more than 160 hotels globally. “Celebrating luxurious simplicity.”: Steigenberger Icons are extraordinary luxury hotels which combine historical uniqueness and modern concepts. The Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels brand is generating innovative impetuses in the Luxury Lifestyle Segment. Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts represent the epitome of upscale hospitality on three continents. Jaz in the City’s Lifestyle Hotels dictate the rhythm in the Upscale Sector. House of Beats unites a passion for the hotel business with the fascination of lifestyle, fashion and music. IntercityHotel is located at the very hub of any destination and offers a true home of comfort and mobility in the Midscale Segment. MAXX by Deutsche Hospitality is a charismatic conversion brand which is also positioned in the midscale area of the market. Zleep Hotels provide a smart marriage of design and functionality in the Economy Segment. All of these brands are unified under H-Rewards, Deutsche Hospitality’s loyalty program which yields benefits from the first booking onwards. The vision is clear. In conjunction with its shareholder Huazhu, Deutsche Hospitality aims to advance to become one of Europe’s leading hotel companies.

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