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Organizational changes to Danish hotel brand

August 16th, 2108

As of August 1st, three profiles at Zleep Hotels will be changing roles. Two hotels will be getting new managers and a newly created position has been filled at the service office.

From Receptionist to Hotel Manager

Last year, Zleep Hotels’ added a new position to all of its hotels – an Assistant Manager. This was setup to be the stepping stone to become a Hotel Manager, thus creating an internal talent pool in the organization. Marta Bagniuk, who began her career in the organization as a Receptionist at Zleep Hotel Ballerup in 2011, was promoted to Assistant Manager of Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde last year. As of August, Marta will be taking over the position as Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Ballerup. She already knows the hotel well and has a strong management team supporting her, ensuring the best possible facilities for the new manager.

I started my career in Ballerup, so it’s my baby. At Zleep Hotels, I’ve been offered a great opportunity to develop my career in hospitality. When you begin as a receptionist at Zleep, they will ready you to become a leader some day if you are ambitious and show enthusiasm. I am thrilled to now be the Hotel Manager of Zleep Hotel Ballerup,” says Marta Bagniuk, Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Ballerup.

New Hotel Manager to Roskilde

Lene Haslund Jensen began at Zleep Hotel Ballerup in 2016, after many years’ experience from other hotels, such as Radisson and Hotel Niels Juel. Lene will now be taking over the role as Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde – what is locally known as Prindsen. At the same time. Lene will become a member of the board of an advising committee for Visit Roskilde.

I am from the neighboring town, Køge, and I associate Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde with a beautiful hotel in the heart of Roskilde. I look forward to continuing the operations of this wonderful hotel, and to learn more about the city, get to know my colleagues and the network surrounding the business,” says Lene Haslund Jensen, Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde.

Quality assurance in focus

Lene Toft has been Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde for two years – and before then at Zleep Hotel Ballerup for five years. Lene will now be leading a newly established role as Quality Assurance Manager. In her new position, she will be ensuring that both the service and product quality live up the brand standards. Having seven years of experience within the Zleep Hotels organization, Lene has in-depth knowledge of the operative side of the business as well as a strong understanding of the brand values and standards. Lene will also be part of the startup team, which will be training staff at new hotels.

Working with quality assurance at our hotels has been a dream of mine for a long time. I look very much forward to working with the hotels’ visual expression. It will also be very exciting to be part of our pre-opening teams, who will secure that all new colleagues are ready when the hotels open. This allows me to have a special relation with our upcoming hotels and the many new colleagues that follow,” tells Lene Toft, Quality Assurance Manager at Zleep Hotels.


Tina Berning
HR Manager
Phone: +45 21 21 63 52
E-mail: tb@zleephotels.com

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