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Zleep Hotels develops new digital check in solution

July 2nd, 2018

To advance its technological infrastructure and keep up with the innovative front of the digital evolution in the hotel industry, Zleep Hotels has developed new check-in machines. The purpose of the new technology is to make it even easier and much faster for the guests to check in. The new digital solution also improves the service level at the hotels as the hosts are given more freedom to help and guide guests. The new machines have been installed at 8 of 9 Zleep hotels in Denmark thus far. The machines have been named after Zleep Hotels’ IT Manager Mohammed Majed’s daughter, Donya.

Tailor-made system for the brand

The new check-in machine and its software has not been purchased as a finished product. Zleep Hotels, however, have developed all the software and designed the user-interface themselves. The software has been developed in cooperation with HotelEngine, a company that is specialized in software development for the hotel industry. One of the benefits of developing the software in-house is that it allows Zleep Hotels more freedom to continuously improve and develop the system to comply to the changing customer needs. Another is that costs are kept low:

When we develop the software for the check-in machines in-house, we can modify the design, the text, and the images on the machines, minimizing costs of maintaining and updating them. For example, we can add or edit products such as breakfast, so that the guests can add more products when they arrive and check in. We have also been able to improve operational reliability by, among other things, removing the credit card terminal and replacing it with a web interface for payment, which ensures that the protection of our guests’ personal data complies with legal requirements,” says Mohammed Majed, IT Manager at Zleep Hotels.

Catering to both leisure and business travelers, Zleep Hotels has invested heavily in ensuring that the check-in experience is kept user-friendly:

We have made it as simple for the guests to check in as possible. We have done so by making the process that the guests go through on the screen as easy as possible – adjusting the design so that it is very clear what to do. The guest is guided through every step, giving them the best possible experience. After having tested the machine at two of our hotels and collecting feedback from guests, we now have a result that we are proud to offer our guests,” says Maria Thomsen, Marketing & Communications Manager at Zleep Hotels.

High success rate affords more personalized service

The success rate of the software has increased drastically since the implementation of the test machines. The success rate in the test period was 80% but it has since increased to 98.7%. And while this is a satisfactory result, Zleep Hotels’ target is to increase the success rate to above 99%. The implementation of the machines, guests will be met by hosts that have more time to give a more personalized service. Zleep Hotels wants to achieve a similar behavioral pattern as is seen at airports where travelers automatically check in on self-service machines. This is also the future of the hotel industry:

The hotel industry is, in general, not very progressive when it comes to technology. We have based our technology on old solutions and invest too little in IT and the development of systems that make our everyday life more efficient – both for our guests and for our staff. The investment in Donya is a precursor to a much more mobile customer flow. From booking and payment to check-in, sleep and departure, we want to give the guest a platform that is simple, personal and value-adding – not just an app to open a hotel door with. That is where we want to make a difference for the guest. It must be uncomplicated and personal, and through Donya we want to give our staff at the hotels more time to deliver a more personalized service rather than standing behind a screen. This is the first step, and as the surrounding technologies become more integrable with our systems, our guests’ path from booking to check-out will become even easier and more efficient,” says Peter Haaber, CEO and founder of Zleep Hotels.

Fact list

  • There is 24hour phone support on the check in machine
  • 4 of 9 Zleep hotels are unmanned at night. Here, the check in machine makes it easy for guests to check in without staff available
  • Zleep Hotels is developing the check in machines in-house
  • The current success rate is 98.7%
  • One or more check in machines are available at 8 of 9 Zleep hotels


Peter Haaber
Phone: +45 51 57 87 00