Kirsten Paugan
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Growth demands sales amplification

June 29th, 2017

The sales department in Zleep Hotels is increasing as it hires Kirsten Paugan. The 31-year-old salesperson’s most important task will be that of visiting new, potential corporate customers in Jutland, Denmark. The newly established position advances Zleep Hotels’ capacity in Denmark. It is the natural next step for the organization, which has a large growth potential as is evident from its current pipeline.

The right personality

Kirsten Paugan enters the hotel industry after 15 years’ experience from various sales positions in the retail industry. Not only does Kirsten bring a strong commercial background, she also has a huge drive and an authentic smile. She is people-oriented and gets her magnificent energy from the personal contact with both guests and potential customers.

I feel very lucky to be part of the journey that Zleep Hotels is on. As a Sales Manager, I have a wonderful selection of hotels to work with – it is both fun and exciting to juggle these because even though the Zleep customer will experience a consistent concept, each hotel is unique in its own way and definitely worth a visit. Meanwhile, I am driven by matching the needs and wants that our corporate customers have. Having worked at Billund Airport, I have insight to what businesses often need, both internally and externally. I get my energy from meeting people, I’m curious about them and their business, and in my perspective the building of a good relationship goes hand in hand with a great sale,” explains Kirsten Paugan.

Natural organizational development

Increasing the sales department is the natural next step for the organization when considering the development in the past couple of years as well as the expected growth in the coming years. The expansion of the hotel in Billund in 2016 brought Zleep Hotels to a total of 360 rooms in Jutland alone. Recently, it was published that they will also be opening a new 126-room hotel in Aalborg in 2019. The rooms need to be filled up, and a colleague with a permanent base in Billund guarantees much better conditions for ensuring more corporate agreements with companies from Jutland, Denmark.

Kirsten is already feeling ‘at home’ on the highways among new, potential customers. She is driven by the personal contact and dialogue with people and has a wonderful energy. These traits make her the right person for the job. Having Kirsten in the organization is strengthening our sales department and is the natural development of Zleep Hotels,” says Anja Fuhrmann, Sales Manager at Zleep Hotels.


Anja Fuhrmann
Sales Manager
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