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Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport
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“As individuals and as a hotel chain, we devour the planet’s resources every day. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new ways in which we can ensure a greener environment. Everything from sustainable building materials and processes to small initiatives in the daily hotel operation are of value for the environment. There is a long way yet, no doubt about it, but all green initiatives count” – Peter Haaber, CEO Zleep Hotels.

Peter Haaber, CEO och grundare av Zleep Hotels



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Green roof tops

On the roof in Aalborg, the environmentally friendly Sedum plants grow. The plants’ ability to regulate temperature has many advantages. In the winter, a green roof will seem isolating and thus keep the building warm, and in the summer it will reflect the sunlight and thus trigger a cooling effect. In addition, the plants absorb large amounts of rainwater, act as noise filter and prolong the roof’s life, and finally they form new habitats for small animals. On the roofs, solar cells are also installed to ensure greener energy consumption.

Green roofs at Zleep Hotels



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DGNB certificate in gold

Zleep Hotel Aarhus Skejby meets the highest standards for sustainable constructions in Denmark. The hotel is thus the recipient of DGNB’s sustainability certification in gold. The construction meets a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability requirements. No materials, either exterior or interior, are harmful to health, the indoor climate is healthy and there are large, green areas nearby.

DGNB Guld-certificering for Zleep Hotels i Skejby.

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Organic products

We offer between 30-60% organic products in the breakfast buffet. We are proud of our Bronze Organic Cuisine Label, which is a state-controlled proof that you at any Zleep hotel are guaranteed ecology when you sink your teeth into our good and nutritious breakfast. Moreover, all our soaps – both for hands, body and hair – are produced organically.

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Reduce food waste

Overproduction of food and food waste are bad for the environment. Therefore, many of our breakfast products including soft cheese, butter and Nutella are portion served in a small plastic packaging. In this way we reduce food waste from the buffet and protect the environment. However, the  plastic packaging is avoided when possible, thus jam is served in glass and sliced cheese is served on a platter.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport frukostbuffé



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Eco-friendly messages

All rooms are equipped with small eco-friendly messages such as: Remember to turn off the lights, consider reusing your towel and remember to return your key card at check out as it can be reused. All green initiatives count – also the very small ones like our Do-Not-Disturb signs that are made of FSC-certified paper.

FSC-certifiied signs Zleep Hotels



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Green transport

Our hotels are located within easy reach of public transport. Leave your car at home and take the train, bus or light rail when traveling to your Zleep hotel. From the airport to Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport, you can also use the electric car supplier SHARE NOW.


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Eco-friendly suppliers

We use environmentally friendly products in all activities, and we demand the same from our suppliers and investment partners. Our towel and linen washing are done in collaboration with the eco-friendly steam laundry service Vraa Dampvaskeri and all new hotel projects are built according to DGNB standards for sustainable building processes.

Zleep Hotel Ballerup



Zleep Hotel Upplands Väsby
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Fixtures get new life

When we renovate rooms, get new beds and furniture or replace chairs and tables in the lounges, we make sure that all sort out fixtures without defects get new life. Every piece of good furniture gets donated to further use.