Get to Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport in 5 minutes

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Now you can easily get to and from Copenhagen Airport through the great deal Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport has with SHARE NOW.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport offers the perfect alternative to a taxi; just take your own SHARE NOW car and leave whenever you want. Skip waiting for other guests, pack the car at your own pace and shop your last minute souvenirs on the way. It’s only a five minute drive from Zleep Hotels to Copenhagen Airport.

SHARE NOW has rental cars at Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport, just a 3-minute walk away. Your smartphone is the key to easily find and reserve a car. The price per minute is including car rental, insurance, power and parking. In other words, you only have to think of one thing – getting in the car and enjoying the short ride to Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport.


Good for your wallet and the environment

One of Zleep Hotels’ core values is environment, and that is why a partnership with SHARE NOW matches the concept perfectly. As all cars are shared with many customers, one SHARE NOW car already replaces at least three private vehicles because more people are choosing to abolish owning a car through the car-sharing offer. The cars run sustainably and are flexible to use, perfect for someone who needs easy access.

Register now at a special prize of DKK 30 and receive DKK 120 in SHARE NOW-credit . That is more than enough to get you to and from the airport. Or why not drive into the city? Copenhagen city center is just 20 minutes away. Park the car and pick up a new one when heading back to the hotel. You can also earn SHARE NOW-credit through, for example, connecting the car to the charging stations that are set up at Zleep Hotels Copenhagen Airport.

Easy access to and from the airport

Use SHARE NOW to get all the way to the door.

At the airport, you will find our cars in the parking garage P7, right next to the metro in Terminal 3. You can reserve a car with the SHARE NOW app and go directly to the parking garage.

Pack the car at your own pace and drive towards the exit. You open the gate with the card you will find between the two front seats.

When parking at the airport, there is a parking fee of DKK 40.


End the drive at the hotel’s parking

Park the car in the hotel’s private parking area.

All you need to do once you arrive at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport, is find an empty parking spot. If the car needs battery, the hotel offers several parking spots where you can connect the car free of charge.

When you have unpacked the car, you end the drive through the SHARE NOW app. Then a new user is free to take the car and you are ready to check in to Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport. No keys are needed – you start, shut off, unlock and lock the car all through the app.

Have time to look around?

Use SHARE NOW to discover Copenhagen.

If you are in Copenhagen for a longer time and wish to explore the city, a SHARE NOW car is the perfect way to easily get around and see as much as possible.

You can take one of the cars from the hotel’s parking and take a drive. If you want to use the car for a few hours, there is a favorable 3- or 6-hour package that you can book through the app. This way you are secured a car for the time you need it.

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Beton mörkgrå

Register Now

Register now for only DKK 30 and get DKK 120 in SHARE NOW-credit that automatically will be used on your ride. Book, unlock and start the car, all through the app.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport


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Hotel in Kastrup

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport offers the perfect alternative to a taxi; just take your own SHARE NOW car. It’s only a five-minute drive from the hotel to Copenhagen Airport.