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Zleep Hotels teams up with Nibe Festival – Glamping style

It’s no secret that Zleep Hotels are especially busy during the festival season. This year will be no exception. We have teamed up with Nibe Festival – and that teamwork has resulted in 2 different sleeping arrangements at the festival site: Zleep Like A Popstar & Zleep Like A Rockstar.

The hotel vibe and the festival vibe doesn’t usually go hand in hand, but we are willing to change that idea.

“We think that it’s a fun thought. Zleep and Nibe Festival is earning its money on overnight stays and with this concept, the guests will have the opportunity to better sleep compared to sleeping in a tent” Peter Haaber, CEO for Zleep Hotels, says.

With Hotel Manager, Michelle Laursen, in the lead our staff from Zleep Hotel Aalborg will make sure that the guests will get the hotel experience will all that entails on the festival site.

The hotel experience will be present in both the Popstar wagons and the Rockstar cabins.

The Popstar wagon correspond to the real popstar life on tour. In the wagons there is a double bed, a sofa, tables and chairs, electricity, a fridge, air conditioning, a large mirror – and a private toilet and shower. Let’s put it in other words – it’s a hotel room located in the festival site. The price per overnight stay in the Popstar wagons is DKK 3500.

The Rockstar cabins are furnished with a double bed – simplicity at it’s core. The cabins are obviously adjusted to the Rockstar lifestyle. You will get a good bed to sleep in, and a short distance to proper toilet and shower facilities. The price per overnight stay in the Rockstar cabins is DKK 1300.

There is breakfast included in both sleeping arrangements and duvets, pillows and clean sheets will be at the guests disposal.

There will also be a reception and a lounge area where the guests can enjoy a refreshment before and after the concerts.

The concept is aimed at Nibe Festival’s corporate guests, but Zleep Hotels are very open for the concept to become a permanent solution – also for the regular festival guests.