Mohammed Majed
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Zleep Hotels hires IT Manager

September 11th, 2015

The newly created IT position at Zleep Hotels is occupied by Mohammed Majed, a young and ambitious IT expert, as of November 1st. He has experience from many technological aspects, such as from his previous work with Copenhagen Capacity and Henning Larsen Capacity. At Zleep Hotels, Mohammed will be benefiting the company’s future growth.

IT and business go hand in hand. I will use my knowledge and experience to make IT easier for the organization. I look forward to working with everyone in Zleep,” says Mohammed Majed, IT Manager at Zleep Hotels.

Development and IT

Mohammed has a central position in Zleep Hotels and will play an important part in the future operations. The company’s current development rate demands an increased understanding and use of technology as well as an active search for better solutions. There will only be more IT projects in the future, and Mohammed is to manage all of these.

Zleep Hotels has hired Mohammed Majed as IT Manager. Mohammed is our first internally hired employee that will focus on assuring the quality of our current IT, our future large IT investments as well as contact with our IT partners. This is a huge improvement for our organization, and it marks how important technology is to Zleep. We look forward to the incredible journey that Mohammed will help Zleep Hotels on,” explains Peter Haaber, CEO at Zleep Hotels.


Mohammed Majed
IT Manager
Phone: +45 51 57 87 14

Peter Haaber
Phone: +45 51 57 87 00