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Renovation of hotel in Ballerup

June 29th, 2016

All 129 available rooms as well as the joint facilities have been renovated at Zleep Hotel Ballerup. The renovations took place after 9 years of operations. While the interior was well kept, the hotel from 2007 needed a few refinements.

New design and more life

To maintain the good quality of Zleep Hotels, it was decided that the Ballerup establishment needed a revamp. During the summer of 2015, the 2nd and 3rd floor were renovated; the ground and 1st floor followed in early 2016. The process also included an upgrade and modernization of the breakfast, lounge and reception areas.

We’ve been looking forward to showing the new design off. Some of the rooms have been ready since last summer, and they’ve been well received by our guests! Our lounge and reception areas have become completely different environments, which our guests will definitely love. Apart from the more comfortable furniture, we are also planning to get a table football to bring more life to the joint facilities,” says Lene Toft, Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Ballerup.

A success story

In the past few years, Zleep Hotel Ballerup has become a bit of a success story, which has been beneficial to the local community. The hotel offers low rates at a great location. This makes it easy and affordable for both the surrounding companies to do business and for the many sports fans that visit one of the events in the city.

Zleep Hotels was created in 2003 with a vision to offer a real hotel experience at a reasonable price. Since, the hotels have become many, and the plan is to introduce even more within the near future. The company has realized huge success, which is obvious in the growing number of hotels and in the many renovations and development projects.


Sebina Christiansen
Project Coordinator
Phone: +45 24 61 50 30
E-mail: sc@zleephotels.com