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Popular Copenhagen hotel is renovated

April 3rd, 2016

A long-awaited renovation was begun just before Easter. Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City’s rooms and joint facilities are being renovated in a 4-stage process. It is no secret that all parties involved are looking forward to the upgrade of this popular hotel.

Quality improvement in central Copenhagen

The hotel is located in the middle of Copenhagen, right next to Copenhagen Central Station. All of Copenhagen has experienced a huge increase in tourism the last couple of years, making it obvious time for Zleep Hotels to renovate its Copenhagen hotel. Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City had an occupancy rate of more than 80% in 2016, and this is only expected to increase further in 2016.

We expect a large increase in occupation over the coming years. We look forward to offering our guests a complete product when they use our hotel. The rooms will be classic and simple with respect for the building. Furthermore, we will create a real Vesterbro-environment in the bar and lounge where tourists can learn and experience what the word ‘hygge’ means in Denmark. The door will be open to everyone,” says Manuela Iorga, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City.

A natural part of Vesterbro

Apart from the five room floors, the hotel’s ground floor will also be renovated. The reception is to be modernized and a comfortable lounge area will be created where everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Zleep Hotels expects to find a partner with whom they will develop what was previously the breakfast buffet and turn it into a trendy café where guests will also eat their breakfast.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City is located in the middle of Copenhagen’s largest hotel district, which has been transforming for more than 10 years. The hotels on Vesterbro are becoming more trendy, and more guests are attracted. We want to affect this development in a positive and interesting way. Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City will be a cool hotel, which is going to improve Zleep itself as well as the market. Today, we’re almost turning our back to Istedgade, but when we have opened the front, the hotel will be a visible part of the street. Not in the least, we hope to attract more customers to an exciting café and coffee bar,” explains Peter Haaber, CEO at Zleep Hotels.


Manuela Iorga
Hotel Manager, Copenhagen City
Phone: +45 26 19 27 58
E-mail: mi@zleephotels.com

Peter Haaber
Phone: +45 51 57 87 00
E-mail: ph@zleephotels.com