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New Marketing Coordinator will strengthen brand awareness

November 4th, 2015

Maria Thomsen is taking over the marketing department at Zleep Hotels. She has already initiated several projects, which will be carried out in 2016.

Maria Thomsen joined the team at Zleep Hotels less than a month ago. Maria is already comfortable in her new position as marketing coordinator with her master’s degree in communication, experience from previous marketing positions, and a huge drive to increase brand awareness of Zleep Hotels. The two employees in the marketing department are now ready to take on the many projects at hand.

“Zleep Hotels is a small chain of hotels with a huge growth potential. I’m looking forward to bringing my knowledge to a company like Zleep Hotels that will both use and challenge my experience. Thanks to my new colleagues, I’ve been able to get off to a good start,” says Maria Thomsen.

Coming up: large marketing projects

Thankfully, Maria is ready to take on large, demanding projects to strengthen Zleep Hotels’ brand. Among others, she is to initiate and lead the development of a new website. The company is looking forward to a very exciting future, which will surely bring many interesting tasks and projects. Zleep Hotels is certain that they have found the right person for the job.

We are very excited to get Maria on board. Zleep is looking forward to exciting developments with more hotels and larger projects that she will be leading. One of Maria’s first tasks is to ensure a smooth implementation of a new website. Similarly, the introduction of new hotels will most definitely give marketing some very thrilling projects,” explains Peter Haaber, CEO.

About Zleep Hotels
Zleep Hotels was created in 2003 with a vision to offer a real hotel experience at a reasonable price. Since, the hotels have become many, and the plan is to introduce even more within the near future. The company has realized huge success, which is obvious in the growing number of hotels and in the many renovations and development projects.


Maria Thomsen
Marketing Manager
Phone: +45 51 57 87 13
E-mail: mt@zleephotels.com

Peter Haaber
Phone: +45 51 57 87 00
E-mail: ph@zleephotels.com