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Huge success with electric cars to and from hotel

June 21st, 2018

How do you simplify transportation to and from the hotel for guests while focusing on improving sustainability? You offer them their own electric city car and a great offer with 30 minutes’ free driving. This allows them to experience Copenhagen without having to consider insurance and parking. It makes for a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to taxis.

In the beginning of April, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup installed four power stations for the sharing platform, DriveNow. The solution expands the hotel’s guests’ traveling options while simplifying their transportation to and from the airport. Furthermore, it also improves the guests’ opportunities for experiencing Copenhagen’s many destinations in a sustainable way. The cooperation between DriveNow and the Danish hotel chain, Zleep Hotels, is the first of its kind and has since its launch been a huge success.

We have since the beginning received very positive feedback from our guests, who use the DriveNow cars to travel forth and back between the airport as well as the city center. The hotel is located a short distance from public transportation, but many of our guests prefer the smart, electric car – especially when comparing the prices with those of the taxi companies,” explains Susanna Lund, Hotel Manager, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

Benefits of using DriveNow

The concept of getting your own, electric car instead of taking a taxi or using public transportation, ensures that the hotel’s guests will not need to think of parking tickets, maintenance expenses, and charging of the car. Just like Zleep Hotels’ concept is based on simplicity, DriveNow makes it simple to drive around Copenhagen – it offers an easy solution but at a great rate! No more waiting around for others; just get into the car and use the excess time on shopping.

Your smartphone is the key to finding, reserving, and opening the car. There is a fixed minute price, which includes car rental, insurance, power, and parking. And you only pay for the time you use in the car – there are no hidden fees or costs. In other words, you only have to think of one thing, and that is to enjoy the trip from the airport or city to Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

Hotel guests get 30 minutes free

The cooperation offers a unique deal for all guests at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport. By registering through Zleep Hotels, guests can create an account for just DKK 30 (usually DKK 89). On top of this, guests receive 30 minutes’ driving for free – more than enough to get to and from the airport or Copenhagen city center.

The electric cars at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport comply with EU’s demands for carbon emissions. Zleep Hotels gives its guests the opportunity to become more green and sustainable travelers by offering DriveNow as a transportation option. The cooperation with DriveNow is thus part of a vision to become a more sustainable hotel chain. If guests arrive in their own electric car, the charging stations can of course also be used for their cars – however, guests need to bring their own charging equipment and activation card.

About Zleep Hotels

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