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Hotel gets new visual identity to ensure alignment with products

October 14th, 2016

Zleep Hotels presents an entirely new visual identity, which creates the framework that will ensure the company can obtain its goals. While the rooms and the hotel facilities have undergone huge transformations in recent years, the company’s communication has been lacking behind. It was obvious that there was a need for a simplification, a clean-up and a modernization of the old design elements of the visual expressions in the communication. In cooperation with the digital advertising agency, Heyday, Zleep Hotels’ profiling has been recreated, ensuring a synergy between the physical product that the guest experiences upon arrival and the graphical expression.

Alignment between communication and product

Zleep Hotels has a unique positioning on the market and has in recent years experienced large growth as well as an increasing interest in the brand. This can be seen in the development of hotels and rooms, but also in the large renovation projects that have been carried out at nearly all the hotels. The result of these modernizations was that the company’s communication and branding no longer was in alignment with the physical product. Thus, it was time for a clean-up in everything from logo and materials to presentations and the website. The fundamental values of the concept – simplicity and cleanliness – were to steer the development process.

When I started at Zleep Hotels in 2015, I arrived to a company that was extremely focused on operations and hotel renovations, but its communications function was outdated. The many hotel renovations entailed a complete transformation of the experience you get at Zleep compared to just 2 years ago. The upgrade of the physical product gave rise to an increased demand of the visual identity, which was already screaming for a revival after 13 years. The overall goal was to create a better alignment between the communication and the product to ensure that our guests always experience the same wherever they meet us,” explains Maria Thomsen, Marketing Manager at Zleep Hotels, who adds that Zleep Hotels will be launching a new website in October.

The courage to reevaluate the brand

Throughout its history, Zleep Hotels has experienced that people had a hard time decoding the name of the company in the logo. This indicated a need to change. In the development of the new logo, the simplicity you experience at the hotels has been incorporated in the entire design portfolio. The logo of the brand sets the example as a cleaner, simpler and more flexible logo than previously. The yellow color is still central, but instead of its overlapping use in various materials, it is now utilized strategically to accentuate certain elements of a communication product, which increases the readability of the company’s messages.

Zleep had the courage to reevaluate all of its branding, which made sure that we could play with all of its elements. There was no sacred cow. In that sense, we’ve had free rein to create the identity that we believe Zleep Hotels deserves. This made it possible for us to create a coherent expression across all channels,” says Thomas Smith, Senior UX Designer at the digital bureau, Heyday, who have co-created the new visual identity of the hotel brand with Zleep Hotels.

About Zleep Hotels
Zleep Hotels is an innovative company that is growing rapidly. The vision is to offer an affordable quality product. This must be communicated to a wide range of stakeholders who need to be reached with a clear, consistent message. The hotel chain consists of 9 hotels in Denmark. The goal is to operate 20 hotels by 2020. To realize this goal, Zleep Hotels must be considered an attractive employer, franchiser, cooperator and investment. The new design creates the foundation for Zleep Hotels’ future communicative journey.


Maria Thomsen
Marketing Manager
Phone: +45 51 57 87 13
E-mail: mt@zleephotels.com