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Hotel brand insources key activity

December 11th, 2018

In the Autumn of 2018, Zleep Hotels has purchased the cleaning operations at all its hotels and thus insourced its housekeeping function. This has secured the hotel brand full control of the entire guest experience. It is predicted that the investment will save the organization considerable costs.

Control of the product

The housekeeping team at any hotel performs a key activity for securing high value for guests: Cleanliness. Even so, many hotels and hotel chains have outsourced this activity. Having housekeeping inhouse allows Zleep Hotels to optimize and streamline the activity, giving them full control over the guest’s consumer journey from booking to departure. Meanwhile, the organization is strengthened with one more management position at the hotels, a Housekeeping Supervisor, who can assist in optimizing procedures and ensuring a bigger focus on quality in the cleaning area.

Many surveys show that cleanliness is among the most important values when consumers review hotels. And it is obvious that cleanliness always has been important to us, but now we will be focusing more on it ourselves rather than letting another company do it for us. We have become large enough and professional enough to perform the cleaning processes ourselves,” explains Per Denker Sørensen, COO of Zleep Hotels.

Economic incentive and brand value

Already in January 2018, Zleep Hotels took over the cleaning operations at one of its hotels, Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City. The company used this property to test the activity inhouse. Since, the hotel has received a 10.6% higher guest satisfaction in cleanliness alone*. By taking over the housekeeping activity at all its hotels, it is expected to realistically save about 15% the first year and between 20-25% the second year.

The numbers will of course vary from hotel to hotel depending on size and seasonality, but our test at the hotel in Copenhagen shows very promising results. We’ve always focused on quality, and now we can guarantee high-quality standards throughout the entire organization. That we focus more on cleaning is one thing; another is that the guests’ experience has improved. We are very proud of having improved the experience so much in such short time,” says Peter Haaber, CEO of Zleep Hotels.

A growing organization

After the housekeeping staff has become part of Zleep Hotels, the organization has grown from 120 employees to a little over 200 employees and it now offers more full-time positions at each property. More hotels are being added to the brand in the coming years, which is why Zleep Hotels expects to grow by another 100 employees during 2019. As part of the same company, the housekeeping staff will be integrated into Zleep Hotels’ culture, which will potentially lead to a larger sense of ownership and increased loyalty. Moreover, Zleep Hotels will make use of the growing talent pool and recruit internally, giving the housekeeping staff more opportunities to develop their careers.

We are very happy to be welcoming more colleagues, to strengthen our community, and to secure a much larger talent pool. It is skilled people that have become part of Zleep Hotels, and we will support their personal and professional development through initiatives, such as the Zleep Academy, which gives everyone the option of participating in educational courses. This allows us to develop the leaders of tomorrow and to create good integration opportunities for all,” states Tina Berning, HR Manager of Zleep Hotels.

*Data from ReviewPro.

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