Marta Bagniuk, Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Ballerup with Peter Haaber, CEO and founder of Zleep Hotels.
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A dream comes true: from Receptionist to Hotel Manager

August 6th, 2018

Marta travels from Poland with a dream

In 2007, Marta Bagniuk traveled to Denmark, equipped with a service education from Gdynia in Poland and plenty of drive. The first four years she spent in the restaurant industry; first at Christianshøjkroen on Bornholm and later at Restaurant Nytorv in Copenhagen. But, as Marta herself explains, “one day, I realized that it was the hotel industry I dreamt of working in.” She realized this in 2011, following which Marta applied for a position at Zleep Hotel Ballerup, where she started three weeks later.

Marta’s new manager, Lene Toft, quickly realized Marta’s potential and never doubted that she had to grow within the organization, despite language barriers in the beginning: “Fluent Danish is not a requirement as long as you are – just like Marta – willing to commit to learning. That’s also why we now offer language courses to our employees through Zleep Academy. A person with as much drive and as much passion as Marta must advance,” says Lene Toft, who is Quality Assurance Manager at Zleep Hotels today.

Advancing to new position as Assistant Manager

Marta began as a part-time receptionist and was granted more responsibility continuously by her manager, who realized her potential early. In January 2017, Assistant Managers were established as new positions at all Zleep Hotels, and when Marta returned from her second maternity leave, she was offered this role at Zleep Hotel Roskilde. The new position at the hotels was established to secure better management and more energy to the staff and thus also more time to provide service to guests, increase quality assurance, and especially to create a larger internal talent pool:

The position as Assistant Manager is a natural stepping stone to become a Hotel Manager later. It has ensured that we have more colleagues that do not only have the potential but also the ambition and drive to take on more responsibility. Very soon, we will need more Hotel Managers, and we are now seeing the results of having added the extra management layer in our organization – Marta was among the first to get the role, and now we are adding a talented and motivated person to our management team,” says Tina Berning, HR Manager at Zleep Hotels.

Where there is a will, there is a way

On August 1st, Marta Bagniuk became the Hotel Manager of Zleep Hotel Ballerup. She is thus the first of Zleep Hotels’ Assistant Managers to advance to Hotel Manager. About her career development, Marta says, “Zleep Hotels offers a wonderful opportunity for all of those who have ambitions and are enthusiastic about developing within hospitality. I am a prime example myself as I started as a part-time receptionist, got a full-time job soon after, was offered to be Assistant Manager and now Hotel Manager. There are very clear steps for development, which ensures great career opportunities.”

Marta is not just a prime example of the career opportunities at Zleep Hotels. However, she is also a great example of how talented staff the service industry can find abroad. About Marta’s personality, Lene Toft says, “she is 100% service minded. She is always there for the guest, her colleagues and for Zleep. She never does anything for herself; she does it for others. She is smart, talented and devoted.”


Tina Berning
HR Manager
Phone: +45 21 21 63 52

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