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Digital solution shows strong results

January 18th, 2017

Zleep Hotels’ new website has proven itself a great investment within a short period of time. Within just its first month after launch, the website has shown positive results. An enormous increase in conversation rate of +27% since the launch of the new site is among the noticeable results. Meanwhile, there are both external and internal excitement about the new website’s look.

Purpose of the redesign

When Zleep Hotels began developing the brand’s new visual identity in the beginning of 2016, the website was of course also going to get a revamp as the previous site’s online experience did not align with the experience at the hotels.

Almost all nine Zleep hotels have been, or are soon to be, renovated. The design of the website had to be adjusted to live up to the same improved experience at the hotels. Apart from a new visual expression, the purpose of the development was to create a more simple booking process and a responsive site to ensure a more user-friendly experience, increase conversion rates, and move sales from other channels.

We have had great success with the website from day one, but we also acknowledge that it is a process. We will continuously work on implementing new initiatives, ensure faster load times, and improve organic search optimization. We have still got a lot of work ahead of us as we seek to move more sales from other channels to our own website,” says Maria Thomsen, Marketing Manager at Zleep Hotels.

Statistics show positive trend

Several success criteria were made for the website, and many of these can already be said to have been achieved. The design is more flexible and enable the hotel brand to facilitate its digital developments that are to manage its expected growth in the coming years. To this end, the hotels’ receptionists have already decreased their time spent on assisting guests that are using mobile and tablet to book their stayover. Meanwhile, the website is already showing a conversion increase of 27%. This is partly due to an increase in demand in 2016, but it is also indicating that the website’s visitors are more likely to reserve a room at Zleep Hotels than they were on the previous website.

Google’s algorithms reward the new website because they base the search index on how well the site has been optimized for mobile-users, not for desktops. However, most importantly is that every single guest is given an improved user experience, which will affect the conversion rate positively. The increased conversion rate applies to all traffic sources, both organic and paid search,” says Andreas Suhr, Account Director at NetBooster.

The great results have facilitated a stronger relationship between Zleep Hotels and NetBooster that will cooperate on creating the hotel brand’s future digital solutions.


Maria Thomsen
Marketing Manager
Phone: +45 51 57 87 13