Anders Nørgaard Hoe
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Danish hotel chain expands sales department

January 10th, 2019

Where 2018 has been a year of preparation for the Danish hotel chain, Zleep Hotels, the chain will in 2019 finally be able to show how the preparations will bear fruit. Already this January Zleep Hotels will open two new hotels; one in Denmark and one in Sweden. An important prerequisite for success is, of course, a skilled and upgraded staff, and therefore Zleep Hotels starts the year with a new recruitment in the sales department.

Passion for good tradesmanship

The new man in the department is Anders Nørgaad Hoe. Anders has 12 years of experience working with sales as Export Manager at Noridane Foods A/S. During his time in Noridane Foods Anders spent three years in Germany. With passion for good tradesmanship, service and solution-oriented sales, Anders is looking forward to join the Danish hotel market as Sales Manager in Zleep Hotels:

“I look forward to visit the customers and to tell them more about Zleep Hotels. Selling a unique product is very important to me and I believe that Zleep Hotels is a fantastic concept that, with its good service, high standard and very competitive prices, can offer customers and guests a truly unique experience. It will be exciting to try out my selling skills in a new industry, and I am proud to take part in the exciting journey that Zleep Hotels has embarked on”, says Anders Nørgaard Hoe about starting in Zleep Hotels’ sales department.

It’s all about increasing growth

Today, the sales department consists of Director of Sales, Lisbeth Simonsen, and three Sales Managers including Anders Nørgaad Hoe. Sales and growth go hand in hand, and with Zleep Hotels’ two new hotel openings this January as well as four further confirmed hotel projects in the years to come, the sales department faces a major task:

“With our hotel chain experiencing massive growth, I am extremely happy to have Anders on the sales team. Of course, new hotel openings require more hands. Therefore, Anders will, in addition to helping with the overall sale of Zleep hotels in both Denmark and Sweden, get Central and Northern Jutland as his area of responsibility. Anders comes with great experience, charm and good mood, and he fits very well into our department. Together we will increase growth”, says Lisbeth Simonsen, Director of Sales in Zleep Hotels.

About Zleep Hotels

Zleep Hotels is an innovative company on the road to success. Zleep’s vision is to always deliver quality, service and design at a great rate for the many. Today, the hotel brand consists of nine hotels in Denmark. A total of six hotel projects are already published and in the pipeline. The goal is to operate 40 hotels in 2025. To realize this goal, Zleep Hotels must prove its competences to be considered an attractive franchisor, partner and investment. Read more about Zleep Hotels.


Lisbeth Simonsen
Director of Sales, Zleep Hotels
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Tina Berning
HR Manager, Zleep Hotels
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