Bonus card

Fidme bonuskort

Get your 10th stay for free

Zleep Hotels’ bonus card can be found on the mobile app FidMe. The rules are quite simple: every night is rewarded with one stamp. The stamps are given in the reception every day.

What stayovers count?

All stayovers that have been booked through our official channels: our website, e-mail, or phone +45 70 235 635. Furthermore, your stay is also qualified for a stamp if you arrive at the hotel without a reservation, and book your room at the reception.

You do not receive a stamp for stayovers that have been booked through external traveling agencies and online booking sites. Finally, you do not receive a stamp for free stayovers that have been redeemed by a full bonus card or a regular gift card. Please note that it is your own  responsibility to make use the free nights.

How do I book a free stayover?

The tenth stayover is on the house! This one must be booked by mailing us at You must not redeem your gift in the app until you arrive at the hotel. The receptionist has to see the screen of your mobile when you check-in.

Write an e-mail telling us where and when you wish to stay at one of our Danish hotels. The free stayover includes a single room for one night, excl. breakfast. We will only add DKK 100 per extra person if you wish to be more than one.


Beton mörkgrå

Why FidMe?

FidMe is a mobile loyalty wallet where you can collect all your loyalty and stamp cards. This means, you do not only download FidMe to keep your Zleep card, but also to get rid of all your plastic cards! You can scan all loyalty cards into the app, so you can leave them at home when you go shopping. More and more stores are using FidMe, so there’s plenty to save.

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The fine print

The nine stamps of the bonus card must be collected within 12 months from the time of the first stamp. After the ninth stamp has been given, the free stayover can be used for six months. If you forget to ad a stamp at the reception, this can be transferred up until six months after your stay.

You can only scan your bonus card within the reception’s opening hours. If you have booked a stay through your free bonus night and do not show up, the hotel reserves the right to charge for the room according to the daily rate. You always have to inform your credit card details as it is seen as a guarantee for your reservation and stayover.

If there is a limited amount of rooms available at a hotel on a specific date, it will not be possible to make use of the free stayover. The same applies for periods with high demand. You will always be offered alternative booking dates or accommodation at one of our other hotels if this is the case. You can also choose to save your free stayover and start a new bonus card instead. Contact for more information.