Zleep Hotel Berlin Airport

opens in 2024

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Guten Tag! In 2024, the new Zleep Hotel Berlin Airport will open. With a central location close to both the airport and the city center, it is expected that the upcoming Zleep hotel will attract a lot of guests from all over the world.

Zleep in Berlin

The new hotel will be situated on Alexander-Meissner-Str. 4 in Berlin and will have 198 rooms. The hotel will be decorated In a minimalistic and Scandinavian design without making any compromises on comfort or quality. Each room will be equipped with a high-quality bed, smart TV, free WIFI, and a bathroom with a rain shower. Furthermore, the hotel will have a restaurant, a cozy lounge area with a reception, and great parking facilities that you can easily use.

Berlin as a destination

The German capital, Berlin, is one of the most important political and cultural gathering places in Europe and regardless of whether you visit as a tourist or in a work-related context, the city has a lot to offer. Based at Zleep Hotel Berlin Airport, you are just 20 kilometers from the city center, where you can experience iconic sights such as Brandenburg Tor, the East Side Gallery, Berlin Zoo, and Berliner Fernsehturm. You can also go looking amongst the city’s many restaurants and cafes for the best Schnitzel or Berliner Pfannkuchen.

The hotel will be centrally located in relation to both public transportation and road access, so whether you arrive by car or public transportation it is easy to both access the airport and Berlin from the hotel.



Zleep Hotel Berlin Airport